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What is the % of hyperthyroidism cases that are a result of Graves Disease?
What are s/s of Thyroid Storm?
High Fever
Muscle Wasting and Weakness
Emotional Swings
What is the % of the male population that are affected by Hyperthyroidism?
What are the expected lab findings (thyroid studies)in hyperthyroidism?
Decrease TSH, Increased T4 and Free T3
90% of all cases of hyperadrenalism are as a result of what?
Pituitary adenomas (cushing's disease)
What is the operational tx of hyperadrenalism?
What is the clinical tx of hyperadrenalism?
Ketoconozole (monitor liver enzynes)
Consult Int. Med
Hydrocortisone Replacement Therapy
80% of all cases of chronic hypoadrenalism are caused by?
Autoimmune destruction
What are the required labs of acute hypoadrenalism (operational)?
CBC (eosinophilia)
What labs can you draw in the operational setting of a pt w/ chronic hypoadrenalism?
CBC (eosinophila w/ neutropenia and lymphocytosis)
What is the operational tx of hypoadrenalism?
Supportive care designed to alleviate s/s
Consult w/ M.O., consider hydrocortisone therapy, broad spectrum antibiotics, possible MEDEVAC
What value of Specific Gravity would you expect in the UA of a PT w/ DI?
Below 1.005
What are complications of DI?
What is the % of pt's aged 20-44 that are affected by DM?
DM accounts for what % of legal blindness?
Diabetics are 2x's as likely to develop what disease?
Cardiovascular Disease
What % of all diabetic patients are affected w/ Type II?
What are physical findings of DM Type II?
60% family hx
90% have obesity
onset >30 yrs
often asymptomatic or gradual onset
excessive vulvovaginitis and pruritis
What are the physical findings of Hypoglycemia?
CNS dysfunction (confusion & abnormal behavior)
Blurred Vision
Seizures and Coma
Primary hypothyroidism accounts for what % of all hypothyroidism?
What are the physical findings of acute hypoadrenalism?
General abd. px
Temp of 105
Dehydration and Cyanosis
What are physical findings of DI?
Thirsty (2-20 lt. qd)
Neurologic sx's w/ HA/seizures/visual field defects
What are physical findings of DM Type I?
Nocturnal enuresis
peripheral neuropathy
Usually under 30 yrs
20% fam hx
How is insulin supplied in the AMMAL?
10 ml bottles containing 100 un/ml
What is the standard dose for insulin in DM Type II?
1.0-1.5 un/kg/QD sc in divided doses
How is DM Type II typically controlled?
Diet and Exercise Program
What are complications of Hypoglycemia?
Coma and Death
Brain Damage
DKA is prominent in what age group?
1-25 yrs old
What are physical findings of DKA?
Subnormal body temp.
Clouded mental status
Polyuria and Polydipsia
Tachypnea w/ air hunger (kussmaul's breathing)
Poor skin turgor
What is a hypermetabolic state resulting from excess thyroid hormone?
What is a differential diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism?
What are s/s of hypothyroidism?
Dry thick coarse, cool skin
Brittle hair and nails
Loss of outer 1/3 of eyebrow
Cerebellar ataxia
What may you find in the UA of a pt w/ hyperadrenalism (operational)?
Glucosuria, decreased SpecGrav
What are the physical findings of a pt w/ hyperadrenalism?
Central Obesity
Plethroic (moon face)
Buffalo hump
Muscle wasting to extremities
Menstrual irregularities
What is the operational tx for a PT w/ DI?
Maintain hydration
Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ)- control polyuria in neurogenic DI
Daily weight checks
What may be seen in pt's w/ hyperinsulinism that are caused by pancreatic tumors?
What is the monitoring rate in the operational tx of a pt dx'd w/ DKA?
Monitor Q1H and prior to administration of new insulin until improved, then cont. Q2H
Cerebral Edema, Bowel Infarction, Acute MI, Renal Failure and Death are complications of what condition?
What must you include in your "work-up" of a pt dx'd w/ DKA?
Detailed med hx, including fam hx