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How do staph infections occur?
lapse in host defense
What does Ptn A do?
binds to Fc region of Ab and protects bact from phagocytosis
Which staph is coagulase positive?
S. aureus
What does staphulokinase do?
lyses the formed fibrin clots
Which staph have catalase?
What are cytolytic toxins used for?
hemolysins--destroy RBC
What is leukocidin?
kills neutrophils
What causes food poising?
What are super antigens?
bind to MCII on APC on the outside of the receptor---T cell activation and massive cytokine release
Which enterotoxin is responsible for toxic shock syndrome?
Enterotoxin F or Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin 1
What are exfaliating (ET-B) and epidermolytic (ET-A)?
serine protease that cause scalded skin syndrome
Which ET is chromosomal, thermalstable and inactivated by EDTA?
Which ET is plasmid, thermalabile, and stable in EDTA?
Which layer is affected by scalded skin syndrome?
stratum granulosum
Which sugar does S. aureus ferment?
What is found in the walls of S. aureus?
ptn A, ribital teichoic acid,
What can S. aureus produce?
alpha toxin and DNAse
What is in the cell wall of staph that don't ferment mannitol nor contain ptn A?
glycerol-teichoic acid
Which drug should you use for superficial staph infection?
Which drugs do you use for deep staph infection?
vancomycin, clindamycin
Which drugs do you use to treat MRSA?
vancomycin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
What should you use to treat MRSA?
Which gene is responsible for methicillin resistance?
mecA gene complex
Where does the genomic island reside?
What does mecA produce?
penicillin binding ptn, PBP2A