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Which windows key MINIMISES all windows?
What does [Windows]-M do ?
Which windows key opens MY COMPUTER?
What does [WINDOWS]-E open?
Which [Windows] combination FINDS ?
What does [WINDOWS]-F do ?
What are security groups used for?
Security groups are for assigning permissions to resources.
Which windows key opens Win2000 HELP?
What does [WINDOWS]-F1 open?
Which windows key opens the 'RUN MENU'?
What does [WINDOWS]-R open?
Which windows key switches windows?
What does [WINDOWS]-TAB do?
How do you manage Shared Folders ?
Use the Computer Management tool to manage shared folders.
Can you use security groups for distribution purposes?
You can use security groups for distribution, things like email clients do this.
Are the members of LOCAL and GLOBAL groups entered in GLOBAL CATALOG?
LOCAL and GLOBAL groups are entered into GLOBAL CATALOG, but their members are not. Thus their use generates less replication traffic.
How do you find if your system hardware meets the standards for Windows 2000 Server?
Check the requirements against the Hardware Compatability List (HCL)
How do you shortcut open the UTILITY MANAGER?
What does [WINDOWS]-U open?
Use command line tools to manager shared network tools.
Use NET commands to support scripting out network functions.
What does a group scope do?
Each scope definition defines:
1)-Where u can use the group
2)-what other user or group members it can contain.
What is the Krbtgt account.
This is a disabled account that domain controllers use to run the service that control domain security.
How do you delete a mapped drive using NET USE?
net use m: /delete
How do you shrink all windows quickly?
What does [WINDOWS]-D do ?
What is a user account?
The information needed to allow a user lo log onto and use network resources, i.e., logon name-password-security settings, is called what?
What are the 3 group scopes.
What are these:
In a native-mode domain, what are the four categories of groups?
What are these:
1)Built-in local-appear in Builtinfolder
2)Domain Local-Set basic rights, eg DNS
3)Global- Setbasic rights for resources
4)Universal-native mode forest rights.
How do you see the local shares:
cmd [enter}
net share [enter ]
Dfs is replicated across the domain via the Active Directory, providing a degree of fault tolerance.
How is Dfs replicated?
How do you shortcut to SYSTEM PROPERTIES?
What does [WINDOWS]-[BREAK] do ?
Define a group.
A group is a collection of user accounts you administer as a single unit.
What permissions does LOCAL scope assign to?
Local scope assigns resources in the local domain.
What is Dfs for?
Dfs can unify disparate network storage into a unified folder hierarchy.
How do you get to Device Manager?
What do you get from: [R]MyComputer->Manage->System Tools ->Device Manager
Tip to identify Permissions in Groups, Remove ALL from Everyone group, but first add Administrators with Full Control to troubleshoot.
How do you view resouces by connection?
Why would you [R]MyComputer->Manage->SystemTools->DeviceManager->View->ResourcesByConnection ???
NTFS File Permissions: If you move a file to another folder on the same volume, the file will RETAIN THE ORIGINAL NTFS permissions.
File move to same volume, does file inherit permissions from new folder?
What SCOPE can contain usera and all groups from any domain in the forest?
Universal SCOPE can contain what?
What are the minimum requirements for Windows 2000 Server?
Pentium 133MHz, 128Mb Ram, 1Gb free disk space, VGA resolution, also 12X CD-ROM, high density floppy drive and network card recommended: WHAT IS THIS ?
What file systems are supported by Windows 2000 Server?
Fat16 FAT32 NTFS are supported by WHAT?
The boot partition contains the....
The operating system files are in the .....
What does a NET command do for you?
A NET command can give you direct control / access to a function without wasting time with menus.
The system partition contains the ....
Boot files are contained in the .....
A workgroup is a....
Small decentralised network is a .....
A domain is a larger ..........
Centralised networks are know as ....
Ways to install Win2000 Server are
CD, Upgrading, Booting from CD, upgrading from another operating system, installing over a network are all ....
What requirements are needed for disk image?
What needs this: a) Mass strg dev. must be same TYPE on src & Dest. b) HAL (CPU) same c) Size dest. => source d) PlugNplay devices unimportant if drivers available
SYSPREP prepares .....
The DISK IMAGE is prepared with ......?
What are the key features of Windows 2000 Server?
Support for ACTIVE DIRECTORY, Internet, WEB services, Security, Terminal Services, 4GB memory, up to 2 processors ( 4 if upgrading from NT4.0)
What are the additional features of Windows 2000 Advanced Server?
Network load balancing, Cluster services for application fault tolerance, support up to 8GB memory, up to 8 processors, what is this?
Sysprep is found in which file and folder?
On the WINDOWS 2000 Server CD, in Support\Tools in the file which system preparation tool is found?
What are the additional features of Windows 2000 Datacentre Server?
Advanced clustering services, Support for 64 GB memory, support up to 16 processors, IN WHAT ARE THESE feature found in?
Sysprep has which switches?
What utility has these switches? -quiet ( no usr interaction ), -pnp ( forces Setup to run PnP detection, -reboot ( reboots destination ), -nosidgen ( no SID on dest. to clone disks )
Mini Setup does 9 things: name them...
What prompts this?: - accept EULA - Specify regional settings - Entern Name + Org. - specify Product Key - Licencing Mode - computer name & Admin Pwd - dialing no. - protocols - workgroup or domain input
Are the hardware requirements for Windows2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced server the same?
The hardware requirements for Windows2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced server ARE the same.
How much disk space do you plan for?
Plan 1 year ahead and then double that number.
Does Win2000 Professional support RAID-5 and mirrored?
What version does NOT support RAID-5 and mirrored?
The ....... partition holds the operating system files.
The ....................... files live in the Boot Partition.
The System Preparation Tool ( sysprep ) is used for....
What do you use for preparing disk images:.....?
The Setup Manger is used for ..... ?
What do you use for creating unattended anwser files ?
What is the most powerful family of Microsoft Servers?
Windows 2000 Datacentre Server is the most powerful in the family.
What are the Hardware Requirements for 2000 Server?
Pentium 133Mhz or higher : 128Mb Ram ( 256 recommended ) 1 GB free space : 2GB minimum disk size : More than 1GB free if installing over a network. Network-none: Display - VGA
What is the web address of the HCL?
Is the HCL at:
System files contain the ..... files.
The boot files are in the ......... partition.
Fat16 supports disks up to ...... GB?
Disks over 2GB cannot use ............ filesystem.
What is the Microsoft Management Console?
What do you call the console framework for Management applications, including snap-in tools?
If you move a file from one folder to another folder on different volume, which permissions result?
The permissions of a new volume always overwrite the permissions of the old volume.
Name 5 benefits of MMC snap-ins?
What are these: 1) highly customisable snap-ins (2) Have standard intuitive console (3) Can be saved and shared with other administrators (4) Authoring Mode (ADMIN) or User ( limited ) mode (5) provide Remote Computer Management.
If you copy a file from one folder to another folder on the same volume, or a different volume, which permissions will the final file have?
The file copied ( new file made in destination...) will always have the permissions of the destination folder.
FAT16 supports partitions up to: ?
2 Gb is the max. partition size of what?
Install WIN2000
from Win9x or WinNT use WINNT32.exe
from any other o/s use WINNT.exe
From Win3.1 or OS/2 or Linux, which exe should we use to install a dual-boot version of WINDOWS2000?
List the various methods for installing WINDOWS 2000 SERVER
1) CD
2) Upgrade from another O/s.
3) Booting from Server CD
4) Installing over a network.
Fat 32 was introduced in 1995 with what?
WIN95 used FAT ... ?
Additional features of Windows 2000 Advanced Server:
What offers .....
1) Network Load Balancing
2) Cluster Services 4 app. flt tolerance
3) Support for up to 8GB memory
4) Support for up to 8 processors
What are the Boot disks labeled as?
1) Windows 2000 Server Setup Boot Disk
2)Windows 2000 Server Setup Disk #2
3) Windows 2000 Server Setup Disk #3
4) Windows 2000 Server Setup Disk #4
Fat 32 advantages are?
Which file system has:
Partitions up to 2TB
More safeguards against disk failure
Improved disk useage via smaller cluster size?
What is the command to create boot disks from Windows 2000, NT or Win9x?
MAKEBT32.exe is what?
Identify the 4 MMC ( mgt console ) modes
1) AUTHOR MODE (2) User mode full screen (no remove tool ) (3) User Limited access - muliple windows (4) User limited access - single window
If you choose to use Windows2000 what automatic disk formats will occur?
Automatically, disks under 2Gb become FAT16 and over 2GB, partitions become FAT32 on WHAT OPERATING SYSTEM?
What is the command to make boot disks from a 16bit operating system?
MAKEBOOT.exe is what?
How do you check the hardware standards:
Microsoft \ HCL
What are the key features of NTFS:
What are these:?
- Local security settings files&folders
- data compression
- disk quotas
- file encryption
How do you make an Emergency Repair Disk?
Use the Server Setup Boot Diskette to crate the Emergency Repair Disk.
How do you install WIN2000 Server over a network?
What does this do:
1) Share the WINNT folder on the server
2) Boot the target and attach to share.
3) Launch WINNT or WINNT32
4) Complete installation.
Define a domain tree.
A domain tree is a heirarchical organisation of domains in a single contiguous namespace.
NTFS5 has what advantages?
WHat system have these advantages?
-Local security on files & folders
-Data compression
-Disk Quotas per user
-File encryption
Windows 2000 server setup disks are used for Recovery .......... ?
Per Server licencing is?
The number of CONCURRENT connections is licenced by?
ERD, Emergency Repair Disk disaster recovery method uses what?
Windows 2000 Server Setup Boot Disks are used for ERD.
Per seat licencing means?
Each client licenced separately and can access as many servers as it needs is WHAT TYPE OF LICENCING?
Installing WIN2000 via network:
1) Boot target computer
2) Attach 2dist.svr, access WINNT share
3) Launch WINNT or WINNT32
4) Complete installation
If your users access more than one server concurrently choose ........ licencing.
Choose PER SEAT licencing if your users ............................. concurrently.
If you have 10 users and 2 servers, you would have to buy .......... Client Access Licences ( CAL )
How many users can use 10 CALs?
For 2 servers to serve 10 people, how many server licences would you need?
For 2 server licences, each of 10 connections, how many staff could access the servers concurrently?
What is a workgroup?
What is a small decentralised network, including a standalone computer?
What is a domain?
A domain is a larger, centrally administered network.
Define upgrade.
What installation type preserves original settings and applications of a previous version of WINDOWS NT Server?
To join a domain, what must be specified?
What needs this:
-Valid Domain name
-Username&password for an administrator
-Domain Controller
-DNS server
Name 5 basic NET commands:
2)NET command/HELP gives specific help
3)NET SHARE - Share a resource
4)NET USE - Connect to a Share.
In a domain account, where are all the user and group activities stored?
What does Active Directory contain ( in a domain account ) ?
Local scope can contain?
Users and global or universal groups from any domain in the forest; local groups from the local domain.
Does Dfs preserve permissions?
Dfs preserves permissions.
Dfs is integrated with the Active Directory.
Windows 2000 Server
Minimum Hardware Requirement are:
1) Pentium 133Mhz cpu
2) 128 Mb Ram
3) 1Gb free disk space
4) VGA resolution
recommended: 12X CD rom, HD floppy, NIC
Installing Windows2000 from CD has 3 options: NAME THEM
What is this:
-Boot an o/s, via CD run WINNT or WINNT32
-Restart using CD drive
-use Setup Boot Disks
What file systems does WINDOWS 2000 Server support?
What supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS?
How many Windows Server 2000 boot disks are there?
These disks are called? ...........
1) Server Setup boot disk.
2) Server Setup Disk #2
3) Server Setup Disk #3
4) Server Setup Disk #4
Boot partition contains:
Operating system files reside in the .... partition.
What are the 2000 multiboot options?
1) Separate partitions each O/s
2) Simples o/s on disk first.
3) Never ever upgrade to DYNAMIC DISKS
4) do not convert to NTFS with old o/s
5) If dual with NT4, turn off compressn
6) If dual with NT4, inst. SvcPak4 first.
What disk configurations does Win2000 Server support?
1 2 3 4 5
Options include: Simple, Spanned, Striped, Mirrored, RAID-5, mirrored RAID-5
WHAT is the command to crate boot disks from Windows 2000, NT or 9x ?
What does MAKEBT32.exe and MAKEBT.EXE do, respectively?
How do you upgrade to a domain controller once Server is installed?
What does DCPROMO utility do but only if DNS and ACTIVE DIRECTORY have not been installed....?
Define a domain forest.
A DOMAIN FOREST is a set of domain trees that do not form a contiguous namespace. Eg, if your co. merged or shares resources with another company with dissimilar business aims but share technology.
Boot files reside in the...
The System partition contains the .... files
When do you use WINNT.exe
When you have any o/s older than WIN9x what file should install 2000 Server?
What would you edit the registry with?
2) Regedit has more search functions
3) REGEDIT32 has more options
A container is....
An Active Directory Object that holds AD objects is a container.
( domains and OUs are examples of container objects)
Active Directory:
Each domain can consist of multiple organisational units, logically organised in a heirarchical structure. ( Users, groups, security policies, computers, printers, file shares, etc.)
Give 2 reasons for dual booting
1) Test various systems

2) backward compatability of software.
Per Server licencing lists:
The number of concurrent connections to the server is known as ................ licencing?
When do you use WINNT32.EXE ?
If you are luanching WIN2000 Server from a 32bit o/s, WIN9x or NT, use ..... which exe?
Per Seat Licencing is described as:....................
An unlimited number of connections to the server is known as .....................licencing.
Why do you use Smartdrv ?
To speed up the loading of WIN2000 Server you could use ...... ?
How do you get to the Recovery Console?
use the WIN2000 Server Setup Boot Disk to get to the ............. Console?
A workgroup is defined as:
A small decentralised group of computers on a network is defined as........
How do you UPGRADE a member server to a DOMAIN CONTROLLER ?
Run Start > Run > DCPROM [ok] to do what exactly ?
Windows 2000 SERVER supports:-
- Active ............
- Internet and ... Services
- Security
- Windows Terminal .......
- support 4 GB memory & 2 CPU (4 fm NT4)
What does Windows 2000 SERVER support:
-.......... Directory
- .......... and WEB Services
- ..........
- .......... T......... Services
- How much Memory, how many CPUs ?
A domain is defined as .............
A larger centrally organised network or group ( forest ) of networks can be a DOMAIN
Define a trust relationship.
What logical link combines two or more domains into a single administrative unit?
Installing from Win2000 Server CD: types
1)- boot another o/s, then WINNT(32)EXE

2)- Boot from CD, restart

3)- make Server Setup Boot Diskettes
A domain is what... in Active Directory?
A domain is the main logical unit of an organisation in the Actived Directory. The objects in a domain all share common security and a/c information.Each domain has min. 1 DC.
How many Dfs roots can you have?
Only one Dfs root per server, unlimited Dfs roots per domain.
How do you open Dfs console?
What does this do? START->Programs->AdminTools->DistributedFileSystem ?
How do you remove a share:
-[rclick]folder- choose [Stop Sharing].
net share c:\[sharedfoldername] /delete
What are the primary tools used to manage users and group accounts?
Active Directory Users and COMPUTERS, does what?
Does the standalone Dfs root in a workgroup use Active Directory?
Why do you not tick Domain Dfs when you only have a Workgroup Dfs to serve?
Permissions: how do you know if a permission is inherited?
If a permission is shaded, what do you know?
The Domain Dfs server, does it support Active Directory ? and does it support automatic replication?
How do you get a Dfs server to replicate?
Tip: You may want to remove permissions from Everyone group in order to test the combinations of other permissions. Remember to add Administrators with Full Control permissions.
Where do you specify whether to use an existing Dfs share, or whether to create a new one?
When in START->Programs->AdminTools->Dfs-WIZARD you can choose whether to create a new share on an existing directory, or use an existing share. No browsing allowd.
Where are NTFS permissions most commonly applied?
NTFS permissions are most commonly applied at the folder level.
Name 3 common ways to provide shared Nework Resources.
What are these? (1) My Network Places [does not use a drive letter (2) Map a Network drive in Windows Explorer (3) NET USE via Console: eg. NET USE x: \\computername\sharename
If you are removing Inherited Permissions, what do you have to do first?
Uncheck the Allow Inheritable Permissions fom Parent to Propogate to This Object, before removing NTFS permissions inherited.
Each time a user logs on, what token is crated?
When is an access token created?
NTFS, permissions, how many levels.
NTFS has 6 levels of permissions.
What will bus-mastering cards do ?
i.e. Busmaster hard disk controller
i.e. busmaster network adapter
What cards will free the processor from mundane tasks, improving throughput?
What 4 key components should you analyse for Win2000 Server performance?
Why should you baseline and regularly analyse :
3)-hard disk subsystem
4)-network subsystem
What is the flow of Resource Access when a user logs on?
User logon causes: (1) Access Token created for a/c (2)When resource accessed, SAM (Security A/c Mgr) checks ACL ( AccessControList )THEN ACE (AccessControlEntries) for permissions.
Resource Access after adding a user to a group.
Warning. Access tokens are only update when logging on. Add a user to a group, then get the user to log off then on again to update the Access Token.
Where does the ADMIN$ share point to?
C:\WINNT, the hardware system folder is know to the system as which share?
What are the FULL CONTOL NTFS permissions
-Traverse folders and execute files
-List contents of folder & read data
- See folders file attributes
-Change folders file attributes
-Create new folders and append data
-Delete subfolders & files
-Delet files
-Change permissions for files&folders
-Take ownership of files & folders
Which share allows some remote admin of a computer and can view a comuter's shared resources?
IPC$ share (Interprocess communication) does what?
What does the PRINT$ share do?
Which share would you use for remote printer administration?
What rights does NTFS MODIFY permission have:
- Traverse folders and execute files
-List contents and read data
-See folder/file attributes
-Change folder / file attribute
-Create new files and write date
-Crate new folders, append data
-Delete files
What does the FAX$ share do.
Where do users cache fax cover sheets and documents that are in the process of being faxed?
How do you look at SHARES quickly?
What do you get from: START->ComputerMangement->SharedFolders->Shares ?
How do you check who is using shares on YOUR COMPUTER?
What does this do: START->ADMINtools->ComputerManagement->SHARED FOLDERS-> Shares ?
Permissions: How do you determine a users EFFECTIVE RIGHTS ?
If you add up all the permissons via username and group assosciations, THEN subtract permissions denied through username and group assosciations what do you get?
To see the folders that are currently shared on YOUR SYSTEM, which command line command do you use?
The command line NET SHARE does what?
What are rights?
Rights give users system-wide capabilities.
How do you map a shared directory to a particular computer?
What does this command do:

net use m: \\computer#\data
How do you assign rights?
You assign rights by modifying settings in anobject called a GROUP POLICY for the domain or for the local computer.
Global group scope assigns permissions to [ ]
Resources in any domain in the forest are assigned by [ ] group scope.
What do you always do after removing a share?
When do you look at the current shares to ensure they have been removed?
What are permissions?
Permissions give users the ability to perform tasks on a specific object, like a file or another user account.
Global group scope and contain users and global groups from the local domain.
Global group scope and contain users and global groups from the local domain.
What are the basic permissions you can apply to a shared resource?
Full control
----------are what?
How do you assign permissions?
You assign what on the properties of the object itself?
Universal Group Scope assigns permissions to:
Universal Group Scope assigns permissions to Resources in any domain in the forest.
Give one reason you might use a command line command instead of the GUI?
Quickness or ease of use give command line instructions their utility.
Which are more powerful, rights or permissions?
Rights are more powerful than permissions. The right to BACK UP overrides any lack of READ permissions for the files to be backed up.
Universal Group Scopes can contain [ ]
Universal Group Scopes can contain USERS AND GROUPS FROM ANY DOMAIN IN THE FOREST.
How do you create a Dfs Root?
Use the Distributed File System MMC console to create a Dfs root.
How do you create a Dfs root?
You use the Distributed File System MMC console to create a Dfs root, on a shared folder, to host the root volume.
What is the purpose of a Dfs link?
The user sees a single unified path, whereas the hardware is spread out.
What is the Novell Netware default frame type setting?
Ethernet 802.2 is the default frame type in Novell Netware.
Explain the difference between a 'hidden share' and an 'administrative share'.
All administrative shares are hidden, but not all hidden shares are administrative.
Why should you rename the ADMINISTRATOR account?
If you leave the account unchanged an intruder has half the logon information. WHAT ACCOUNT DO WE MEAN?
What is the procedure to give a user permission to use a Windows 2000 resource?
What does this do: ?
- Create a user
- Putuser in a global or universal group
-Put that group into a LOCAL GROUP
-Assign permissions to the LOCAL GROUP
Domain based Dfs roots are created on domain controllers.
Where do you create a Dfs root?
Explain the difference between a right and a permission.
Rights control the system.
Permissions control what a system can or cannot do.
Why should an administrator have 2 accounts?
One account for the administrator should have ordinary user-level accounts for doing day-to-day work, and a higher ADMINISTRATIVE account for admin. work.
UGULP, what is this.
To add a new user,
What are the 5 basic NET commands:
What are these commands:
2) NET command/HELP
How do you connect to and manage a local networked computer?
If you have the proper rights, use Computer Management to connect to and edit local/remote settings.
WHat command do you use to find available network resources?
NET VIEW shows what?
What accounts does Microsoft Web server software use to open connection and enable users to run programs?
IUSR_, IWAM_ accounts do what?
What mode does your domain have to be in to use UNIVERSAL GROUPS?
Native Mode is imperative for what type of Groups to be used?
How would you get help on Net View?
What does 'net view /help' get you?
What does TsInternetUser do?
What is the fule used byTerminal Services, that you can install on a Win2000 server, that lets other computers connect to the Server and work in a terminal mode?
When you first install Win2000 it is set to WHAT MODE? and can you use UNIVERSAL GROUPS by default?
Mixed Mode, which can support NT4 domains, is the default of WIN2000, but what does this stop you using?
Why would you use NET VIEW?
You use >>> >>>> to locate resources using the command line.
Dfs eases administration for you can move resources from one server to another, invisible to the user.
Name one advantage of Dfs.
What does a computer need to access the Dfs?
Each computer need Distributed File System Console to do what?
On a new share, EVERYONE gets Full Control by default. What should you do?
After creating a share, [rclick] Properties the Permissions, this produces the ACL [AccessControlList] also called the DACL {DiscretionaryAccessControlList].
Can you delete the Administrator account?
No you can rename but you cannot delete the administrators account.
What is the Global Catalog?
WHAT IS the name for all the objects in the Active Directory called?
What 2 main types of groups exist?
What are:
-security groups
-distribution groups ?
What use Distribution Groups?
Applications use what type of groups?
'NET SHARE data=c:\data' does what?
What command exactly will share your c:\data folder as 'data'
Name the 2 types of Dfs Root.
Dfs has 2 types of ....
1) Domain based roots.
2) Stand-alone Dfs roots.
What is NWlink?
What is a 32bit verson of the IPX/SPX (Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange) protocol used by Novell Netware 3.x adn 4.x network.
What is the basic setting for NWLink?
The frame type has to be set in NWLink
1)Ethernet 802.2 default
2)Ethernet 802.3
3) Ethernet IISNAP
How many members can belong to a group in Win2K?
5000 members in a group can exist in Win2k.
The type of members in each group depends on whether your domain is operating in mixed mode or native mode.
What decides the type of members each group can contain?
Mixed mode scopes
SCOPE : can contain
DomainLocal user a/c and GlobalGp any D.
Global ... User a/c from same Domain
Universal.. Not available in Mixed Mode
What Mixed Mode Scopes exist?
SCOPE..........can contain
Domain Local - usr a/c, UniGp,GloGp any Domain... other domain local gps within same domain..
GLOBAL - User a/c and GlobalGps fm same domain
Universal User a/c, univ gps, glogps from any domain in the forest.
What 2 types of hard disk controller card will improve performance?
Caching hard disk controller cards
Busmaster hard disk controller cards

do what exactly?
Can you assign security roles to distribution groups?
No, you cannot assign security roles to distribution groups.
When you make a change to a UNIVERSAL GROUP member, what happens?
The Global Catalogue updates all the Active Directory Servers, and creates a lot of network traffic ( when what happens )?
Map a newly shared folder to an unused drive using the NET USE m: \\computer#\data instruction.
How do you map a folder to a drive ?
What do you need to host the Dfs root volume?
You need a shared folder somewhere on the network to host the root volume.
You can creat only domain based Dfs roots on domain controllers.
You can creat only domain based Dfs roots on domain controllers.
How do you create a stand-alone Dfs root?
1) Server- create new folder
2) Share folder with default permission.
3) Administrative Tools Menu=[DistFileS]
4)[rclick]DFS, choose [NEW Dfs ROOT]
5) enter FQDN (6) select SHARE
How do you instal NWlink protocol?
[rclick] My Network Places -> Properties
[rclick] Local Area conn. -> Properties
select [protocol] [ADD] [OK]
For WINDOWS2000, what is the default NWLINK frame type?
Ethernet 802.2 is the Win2000 NWLink frame type.
If you have Netware 3.x and 4.x servers on your network, can you have multiple frame types?
You can manually configure the frame type selection for EACH NETWORK ADAPTER.
If you use NETWARE SERVICE ADVERTISING PROTOCOL (SAP) you might need to set a unique internal network number (1-8)
Netware SAP might need a setting: what is it most likely to be?
If you are running File and Print Services for Netware, and you have multiple adapters or multiple frame types bound to a single adapter, you might need what?
What file and print services may need a unique internal network identifier on NWLINK?
What 3 things are basic to maximising network throughput?
What do these do:
- install fastest available network card
- install appropriate cable
- use routers or bridges with faster processing speeds?
Network speed maximising:
Remember the order in which you bind protocols to your server are important.
Can the order in which you bind protocols to your server affect the speed?
Default Domain Groups: what are the four categories in NATIVE MODE ?
What categories are do these belong to?
-Built-in local -(appear in Builtin fldr
-Domain local-Appear in USERS folder
-Global --- Appear in USERS folder
-Universal - Appear in Users folder.
---in MIXED mode, all Universal R Global
What is the sequence to grant a user resources?
To grant a user access to resources:
1)-create a user
2)-Put the user into a global or Univ gp
3)- put that group into a local group
4)-assign permissions to the local group
What is the first thing you do to secure a newly installed printer?
Remove EVERYONE from the list of security principals
[WIN]-[M] does what ?
How do you minise all, quickly ?
[WIN]-[E] does what ?
How do you open 'My Computer' quickly?
[WIN]-[R] does what ?
How do you open the RUN MENU quickly?
How do you open the UTILITY MANAGER?
[WIN]-[U] opens what?
How do you shortcut to System Properties?
[WIN]-[BREAK] goes where?
When might you use Server Clustering?
The act of shareing data between servers for redundancy is called C........g.
Raid-5 provides faster reads and marginally faster writes and the benefit of data protection if one disk should fail
What Raid provides protection if one disk should fail.
What backup types are there?
Normal, Incremental, Differential, Copy, Daily, WHAT ARE THESE>?
Differential backup: only backs up files that have changed since last backup.
Differential backup: Slower than incremental, but Restore only needs the Full backup and the last Differential Backup ! !
What files will a Differential Backup?
A differential bakup will back up the files changed or created since the last marking backup.
You can back up files and folders for which you are the owner or have the READ&Execute or FULL CONTROL permissions, or if u have Administrators & Backup Operators permissions.
Who can perform backups?
Where do all members of UNIVERSAL GROUPS appear, that can cause network traffic?
The GLOBAL CATALOGUE holds all the universal group members.
U,GU,L,P what does it stand for?
User, Global/Universal, Local, Permissions.
This is the sequence for permissions for a new user.
What are the 3 permission sets for printers?
What are:
Manage Printers
Manage Documents ?
What tool to you use to monitor and optimise system performance?
Event View does what?
What would this do:
upgrade to a caching disk controller
install a busmaster disk controller card
What hardware will improve disk response times?
[WIN]-[F] does what?
How do you open the search window quickly?
How do you tab between open windows quickly?
[WIN]-[TAB] does what?
Which folder do you need before BACKUP is used?
You need a C:\ENCRYPT folder before doing a b.......p
When you BACKUP, notepad opens with a detailed report: Why?
What is the purpose of the detailed report after Backup is run?
What is a Normal or full backup?
Select the files and back them up elsewhere, otherswise known as?
Copy Backup: what advantage
Copy Backup: does not mark files as backed-up. Great for ad-hoc backups and does not interfere with official backup sequence.
What files will an Incremental Backup?
An incremental backup only files changed since the last marking backup.
What must be neccessary for backups from remote computers?
The files or folders must be shared for b......p.
GROUPS: if you wish to assign permissions to Resources in the local domain, what scope do you apply?
Applying Local Scope to a group affects where?
Why do you remove Everyone from a new share.
A new share has an identity by default which is a security threat. What is is and what do you do with it?
Define the PRINT permission
What allows a user to print documents, control the print job settings for their OWN documents, pause, restart and delet their own documents in the print queue?
How do you view CRASHDUMP settings?
What do you get from MyComputer-Properties-Advanced-StartupAndRecovery-MemoryDump?
What is the keyboard shortcut for DISPLAY/HIDE
[WIN]-START does what?
If you assign permissions to resources in any domain in the forest, which scope do you apply to the group?
Global Scope, applied to a group will assign permissions to what?
Local scope can contain?
WHAT scope can contain Users and global or Universal groups from any domain in the forest; local groups from the local domain?
Define the Manage Printers permission.
Users with what rights can completely administer the printer, change printer order, pause, resume and purge the printer, change properties, delete the printer but not manage documents?
What 3 Performance objects typically do you look at
%processor time- shows cpu load
Interrupts/sec - show rate of requests
Processor Q length - shown threads waiting, should be less than 2 !
How do you shrink all the windows quickly?
[WIN]-[D] does what quickly?
Raid-1 is otherwise know as:
Striping is the system used in Raid-...?
When you restore files from Backup, you delete the c:\ENCRYPT\PERSONAL\RESUME.TXT
file, and leave the Explorer window OPEN.
Don't ask me why !
Incremental backups: Advantage- FAST
Incremental disadvantage: Need original FULL backup and EVERY incremental backup.
Daily Backups, select files modified that day, without marking them as backed up.
Daily backups: useful for backing up files worked on only that one day.
What is the difference between differential and incremental backup?
Incremental is easier to make. ( less files backed up, more disks to look after)
Differential is easier to restore from ( more files )
Global Scope can contain?
What scope can contain: Users and global groups from the local domain?
What is the maximum number of characters in a share name?
A share name can be 80 characters, but we use the 8.3 convention if any DOS machines are on the network.
Define the Manage Documents printer permission?
What printer permission allows the user to control settings for ALL DOCUMENTS, and manage the print queue by pausing, resuming, restarting and deleting all domuments, but not have permission to print?
How do you set an Audit Policy
What do you get to set at Start-Programs-Admin Tools-LocalSecurityPolicy
You can set policy settings in Domain Security Policy as well as ...
You can set policy settings in Local Security Policy as well as ...
What 3 files are logged by Event Viewr?
Application log, Security Log, System Log, what creates these?
What records events relating to Windows2000 security?
Event Viewer via Security Logs log events relating to what?
Events on a Remote Computer, Event Viewer, what are the 3 types of loggable events?
What creates the following logs:
1)-Application log
2)-Security log
3)-System log ?
If a driver or service fails to load, where will this be recorded?
System Log records the failure of ....
What are 3 counters of Performance Objects commonly observed for benchmarking?
What do these do?
-%processor time.........(load)
-cpu interrupts/sec......(rate of req)
-processor queue length..(threads Qd<2 )
When creating a graph in Performance, how do you remove a highlight?
Ctrl-H does what when creating a graph in Performance?
You can use Performance to create a Log File?
How does performance save data?
Directory Service log traps .....
diagnostic and error information on Active Directory is trapped by....
Counter Logs, log to a file, counters that you chose for a period you choose.
Typical counters for a Counter Log are:
The File Replication Service Log records replication events on the
DFS records information on the .... log.
What is the diff. between TRACE LOGS and COUNTER LOGS?
Trace Logs log on occurence of specific event

Counter logs receive at a specific interval.
File Replication Service Log is only available on
Only a Domain Controller or DFS host creates a File ....... Service ...
What is the Task Manager?
What is called the graphical utility that provides information on current system processes?
The Events captured by the Event Viewer have 5 headings:
What is the shortcut to Task Manager?
What do you get after Ctrl-Alt-Del-[Task Manager] [Enter]
Why might you create the Page File on a separate hard disk to the operating system?
How might you speed the response of memory intensive programs?
What is the downside of moving the pagefile onto a separate hard disk from the operating system?
When can you not do a crashdump of the pagefile?
How do you view crashdump settings?
What can you see at:
MyComputer-Properties-Advanced-StartupandRecovery-Memory Dump ?
When you MOVE a file, does it change permissions?
Why do permissions not change when you MOVE a file?
When you copy a file to a new folder, does it keep the same permissions?
Why does a file NOT retain the OLD permisisons when you copy it: perhaps because it becomes a NEW FILE !
WHen you move a file to a new partition, why does it NOT keep the old permissions?
When a file is moved to a new partition, a NEW FILE is created in thepartition, thus the new partitions permissions are inherited.
Permissions: between NTFS and Share permissions, the most restrictive of the permissions apply.
Which permissions dominate: NTFS or Share?
DHCP process:
if no response, client uses APIPA
What is the DHPC sequence?
What is the DNS database:
What is a bit like a telephone book, and holds the list of host names and IP addresses?
What is the Global Catalogue?
The Global Catalogue is a database/index of all the objects and their most used attributes.
What is a WINDOWS forest:
What name object
-shares the same SCHEMA
-share the same site CONFIGURATION
-share the same Global Catalog ?
To joina domain, there must be what?
To join a domain: you need
-an account
-an account for the computer user
How do you join a Windows2000 domain?
What is this:
-[rclick] My Computer, [Properties]
-[Network Id.] Tab
-[Properties] in [Member of] box
-type name of Domain in box [OK]
-type Administrator in next box, {ok}
Where and how do you unpack the complete set of Administration Tools on a non DC computer?
if you
-go to I386 folder on CD
-Doubleclick on Adminpak.msi
-follow the wizard
what do you get?
What mode does Windows2000 run INITIALLY
Win2000 runs in MIXED MODE initially
Native mode turns off Down-Level replication support ( NT)
What gets turned off in Native mode?
What are the 2 main advantages of NATIVE MODE?
- Group Nesting
- Universal Groups

These are the 2 main advantages of WHAT?
Active Directory creates 5 Container Objects: what are they
- Builtin - leaf objects rep. security
- Computers
- Domain Controllers - do not move
- Foreign Security Principles (NT)
- Users - and global security groups
Where do you reset a user's password?
Active Directory-Users&Computers-Users[rclick] on Domain user# account, choose password.