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He became king in 269 B.C., built a road system in India, and emphasized the teachings of the Buddha.
An Arab title that means successor or deputy; one elected to lead Muslims after Muhammad's death.
Athens was north of this place. They had the strongest military in Greece and can be compared to the Assyrians. They fought Athens in the Pelopponesian War, which they lost. They conconquered the Messenians in about 725 B.C. It was governed by an assembly that was only free males and the Council of Eldsers. Boys had military training and girls got to play, too, though they had tough lives.
These people lived in eastern Greece on a rocky hill. They were eager to learn because they were educated. They acted like free people. They made a democracy and everyone participated in government. They battled Sparta in the Pelopponesian War.
This king united all of Egypt in 3100 B.C.
These people lived on the northern borders of Rome. They had part of Roman culture, but they were more warlike. They were divided into the Visigoths, the Angles, the Granks, the Ostrogoths, the Burdundians, the Vandals, the Alemanni, and the Franks. They came to Rome because the Huns came to Europe. They partly caused Rome to fall.
Germanic People
Muhammad was orn here. Muslims must make the Hajj to this town once in their lifetime as one of the Five Pillars of Islam (pilgrimage).
He was born into a high class Meccan family. He thought that the Lord talked to him through Allah, the only God. He started the Islamic religion.
Literally "holy war," the duty of a Muslim to defend and promote the faith. This term applies to more than simple martial matters.

David's son and successor. He was the most powerful Hebrew king who had a tradiing empire. He made Jerusalem more beautiful and amde a temple that was a home for the Ark of the Covenant, which had the tablets of Moses's Law. He also had a royal palace that was more expensive than the temple was.