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What is an operon?
cluster of genes involved in the same biochemical pathway
What does operon include:
promoter region next to binding sites for RNA polymerases and binding sites for activatros and repressors
Repressor sequences are called what?
What does the trp operon consist of?
Promoter region and 5 genes involved with trp. biosynthesis
When does the repressor protein bind efficently?
when it is bound to 2 Trp molecules
How many copies of the repressor are present in a cell?
20 copies per cell
Lac repressor is the product of what gene:
Galatcotse permease is the product of what gene:
lacY gene
Beta-galactosidase is a the product of what gene?
lacZ gene
When is the repressor of the lactose operon inactivated?
When bound to allolactose
Lactose operon works only when activated properly by what protein?
CRP also known as CAP when bound cAMP
High Glucose does what to the cAMP levels?
lowers it so cAMP dissociates from CAP
How long is the ORF?
Where is the attenuator located?
non-translated region between the short ORG and the start of the stuctural gene
Does the 5' hairpin inhibit the RNA polymerase?
Does the 3' located hairpin inhibt RNA polymerase?
When trp are high what happens to the transcription?
prevents it leads to a attenator of sequence 3-4
when trp levels are low what happens to transcription?
Allows transcription
formation 2:3 structure
What is the stringet response?
Regulated coordination of gene transcription with AA
-uncharged tRNA binds to ribosomal a
stringent factors bind to ribosone and catalyses ppGpp synthesis---> turns off genes
alpha globbin changes from gene during fetal development?
zeta to alpha
beta globulin gene changes from what to what?
What do Locus control regions do?
Involved in open DNA conformation and direct gene activation
What regulated the ferritin and transferring receptors?
iron responsive element
where is the ire located on the ferritin mrna
5' of the mrna
where is the ire located in the transferrin receptor mrna?
3' of the untranslated region
Blocking of the IRE binding protein to the 5' IRE does what?
blocks trnslation of the ferritin mrna
Binding of the IRE binding protein to the 3' IRE does what?
stabilizes the transferrin receptor mRNA
What is the actual iron sensor
Rna mediated interference (RNAi)
growing family of gene in euk genomes transcribed by Pol III
What processes the miRNA?
RNase III- Dicer
miRNA bind to what ?
partial complementary mRNA inibiting their translation