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Elastic Collision
Use conservation of energy OR conservation of momentum:
Ki + Ui= Kf + Uf
Inelastic or Partially Elastic Collision
Conservation of Momentum ONLY:
Specific Gravity
S.G. = (density fluid)/(density of water)

(so water has a s.g. of 1)
What is the Density of water? (2 forms)
1 gm/(cm^3)
1000 kg/(m^3)
If Velocity increases, air resistance...
If Mass increases, air resistance....
decreases (larger masses experience less deceleration)
Energy can only leave/enter a sytem through...
Work (w) or heat (q)
How do ideal machines increase mechanical advantage?
Amt. of work remains the same
Force decreases b/c
distance increases
Atmospheric Pressure (3 forms)
1 atm = 760 torr = 101,000 Pa = 1 bar

*if you are working in m/kg, use Pascals