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Arrhenius Acid
Donates [H+]
Arrhenius Base
Donates [OH-]
Lewis Acid
Electron pair acceptor
Lewis Base
Electron pair donor
Bronsted Lowry Acid
Donates [H+]
Bronsted Lowry Base
Accepts [H+]
Name 5 strong acids:
1. HCl
2. HBr
3. HI
4. H2SO4
5. HNO3
6. HClO3
7. HClO4
The larger the Ka the ___________ the acid.
Name 5 strong bases:
1. LiOH
2. NaOH
3. KOH
4. RbOH
5. Ca(OH)2
6. Sr(OH)2
7. Ba(OH)2
Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation
pH = pKa + Log[base]/Log[acid]