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Thomas Edison invented
the first practical motion picture camera and viewing device
William Dickson invented ...
continuous loop film fed by sprokets in a camera
Film is broken down into ...
Originally: 30 Frames/Sec.
NOW: 24 Frames/Sec
Kinetoscope Parlors
1st Theaters.
Invented by Holland Bros., Opened 1894.
Patrons pay $.25 to see 5 short films.
The Nikelodeons
Projection and coin-operated machines. Popular with lower class.

Movies thought low culture, stigma against actors.
George Melies/Lumiere Bros. (French)
Changing backgrounds and costumes. 15-20 min long. Rise of Hollywood.
Edwin S. Porter
Created the film narrative — The Great Train Robbery (1903)
D.W. Griffith
Known for making the the star system. Movie stars become "idols of consumption."
Disappearing Hollywood Films
Films have disappeards because of:
Disintergration: chemicals in reels, exposed to air - became mush.

Absent Accounting: sheer amount of work done, poor paper work and greed.
Made by Edison. Cinema's 1st horror film.
"Seeing the News": 1912. silent, 5 min, 4-5 stories.

World Wars: Used extensively by US and 3rd Reich. "Prelude to War" (propoganda)
Movies in the 1920s
Gamut from swashbuckling adventure, comedy (slapstick and sexy), horror and drama.

People went to the movies to be entertained.
Valentino, Clara Beau and Chaney Jr,
All stars of the 1920s. Beau was the "It" girl.

Chaney did Phantom of the Opera
"The Jazz Singer"
(1929) Sound introduced in film. First dialogue,
Studios in the '30s and '40s
Big Studios (production, distribution and exhibition).

Forced theater owners to show small movies in order to get the big ones.
Theaters in the '30s and '40s
Movie palaces. Got middle and upper class to go to the theater.

Mid-city theaters rise. People dressed up to go to the movies.
Hays Code
The Motion Picture Production Code was the set of industry censorship guidelines which governed the production of the vast majority of United States motion pictures released by major studios from 1930 to 1968. It was originally popularly known as the Hays Code, after its creator, Will H. Hays.
Great Depression
Movies were an outlet; people forgot their troubles at the movies.
Color Film
"Gone with the Wind" and "The Wizard of OZ" both 1939
"Mrs. Miniver"
It was produced as a propaganda film aimed at ending American isolation from World War II, and was based on the fictional English housewife.
"Triumph des Willens"
A propaganda film made by Leni Riefenstahl. It chronicles the 1934 Nazi Party.
1935. Consider greatest propaganda film in history,
Hollywood 10
Group of 10 writers and directors who refused to give testimony to the HCUA during red scare. They were fired. Blacklisted
Paramount Decision
Ended block booking and blind-buying between theaters and the Big 5 production companies.
Science in Film
"Them" (1954)
"Tarantula" (1955)
"Godzilla" (1954)
Teenagers Dominate
"Rebel Without a Cause" and "Blackboard Jungle"

Competition from Television
Rise of "Widescreen" (1962)
More adult content
Less newsreels
Establishment of MPAA
-'Whose Afraid of Virgina Wolf" (1966)
-G, GP, R and X
-X not registered
Success of "Easy Rider" meant ...
more independent films.
These 1970s movies redefined genres?
"The Godfather" (1972) & "The Exorcist" (1973)
Blockbusters arouse in ...
the mid to late '70s.
First Blockbuster ...
"Jaws" (1975)
Second blockbuster and soon followed by ...
"Star Wars" (1977)

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Superman" both 1978
The 1980s was consider
sequel mania time where popular films are recycled over and over.

Friday the 13th and Rocky.
VHS nearly kills
Independent movies. People would rather rent a movie than watch a poorly made movie. Drive-ins die.
The 1990s birthed
CG content. New but costly, made movie going better than TV.
Most expensive Movies?
Cleopatra and Titanic (PoC: At World's End is up there but infkation ...)
Audiences Wow'd
by movies like Titanic and Armageddon.
Higgest grossing film in Britain
Mama Mia
Film Critic vs. Film Reviewer
“film criticism is actually more closely aligned with philosophy than it is commentary. The film critic tries to come to understand why film works, how it works, and what effects it has on people”
Two-Thirds of all movies produced are by
Independent film makers
These are less formulaic, promote a greater diversity in film?
Indie Films
____threatens Hollywood as movie capital?
Bollywood - India
Most studio revenue comes from
VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray sales — 25%
Domestic then foreign box offices follow.
PR implies...
First Press release
King's College commencement (1758)
4 types of PR

Press Agentry
Not all true. 1850 - 1900.
Keyword: Promotion
One way source
4 types of PR

Public Information
1900 - 1920s
Keyword: Dissimination
One way soure
'good policy makes good PR'
4 types of PR

Public Relations
Keyword: Persuasion
Two-way asymmetrical
pr counsul
4 types of PR

Public Relations
1960s - today
Keyword: Counseling
two-way symmetrical
The collection of individual opinions on a subject of personal interest
Public Opinion
PR Self-Interest
Once tapped, opinion is hard to change.

Opinion is not aroused for long periods of time.
"deliberate and systematic" efforts to "shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions and direct behavior"
Denotative (in propaganda)
to propagate ideas
Connotative (in propaganda)
to manipulate the minds through decit and distortion
Any form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services usually paid for by an identified sponsor?
Top 5 Ad Icons
1. Malboro Man
2. Ronald McDonald
3. Green Giant
4. Betty Crocker
5. Energizer Bunny
Functions of Advertising (4)
1. Marketing
2. Educational
3. Economic
4. To be social
Target Audience
Consumer: people who buy goods and services for personal use.

Business to Business: people who buy products for business use

How many people can get the ad?

How often will the ad be received?

How well does a medium reach the target consumer?
Outdoors Advertising
5-7 words, read at 70 mph
The Global Village
Marshall McLuhan knew there would be a global village long before there was one.
Dreamed of a machine to compute mathematical tables using steam power (1822)
Charles Babbage - later developed the "analytical engine" that could be programmed to solve problems
1st Computer?
ARPAnet (Advanced Research Project Agency) - by the Defense Department
Computers - 1971
E-mail invented
World Wide Wed invented ?
late 1980s
The Web ...
1. Emerged in 1990s
2. 233 million users (US)
3. 1.2 Billion worldwide
Internet reaches
69.6% of population. only 67% use the internet
US and China
are the top two internet using countries
3 Ways to make profit on the internet
1. Creating content and charging
2. selling merchandise online
3. Advertising
Tracking Internet Use
Cookies, NetTracking, Arbitron/Edison
Social Implications of the Web
Lack of gatekeepers, copyright problems, privacy, obscene, access,
Blending diverse technologies. News in multiple forms, more complete news coverage, more complete enteratinment experience.
1931 _______ invents ________ an arcade pinball game. Banned in NY considerd a form of gambling.
David Gottlieb, Baffle Ball
"Space Wars"
Steve Russel (1961)
"Computer Space"
Nolan Bushnell (1971)
TV Tag?
(1966) by Ralph Baer. Tv based tag game.
Home TV Game
(1967) playeers have choice of simple games.
Ralph Baer
(1968) gets patent on first video game for system that generates ping-pong, volleyball, and other games ... become Odyssey
1st company to begin commercial video game development.
"Odyssey" introduced in _____, sells ________ units for $_______.
1971. 100,000. $100
Personal computer games invented ____.