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On what day of the week was May Bird born?
What was “Bad Breath” Bertha doing in the woods when she disappeared?
Foraging for wild garlic
What is May Bird's middle name?
What is the name of the school that Mrs. Bird wants May to attend?
Saint Agatha's Boarding School for Girls with High Prospects
What breed of cat is Somber Kitty?
Hairless Rex
Where is the boarding school that Mrs. Bird wants May to attend?
New York City
How many people did Claire say she could invite to her party?
Eight (8)
What kind of birthday party did Claire always have?
Kites and Katydids birthday party
What was May's February report about?
How to Teach Your Cat to Dance
What was the post mark date on the letter May Bird found addressed to her?
June 11, 1951
In a cat-to-English dictionary, what would 'mew' translate to?
Curiosity killed the cat
What is Somber Kitty's favorite taste?
Summer grass
What book did May Bird use to research the being that lives in the lake?
The Ghost Hunter's Guide to the Paranormal
After arriving in the Ever After, there are 5 destinations that the boats can take you. Name 3
Southern Territories, Nothing Platte and the Far West, Death Knells, New Egypt, and Pit of Despair Amusement Park
According to paint graffiti on the brick wall, who does Antony love?
When Pumpkin accidentally ended up at the Pit of Despair Amusement Park, how long did it take him to get home?
1 year
Toward which destination do Pumpkin and May Bird head in their boat?
Southern Territories
Toward which destination does Somber Kitty head in his boat?
Pit of Despair Amusement Park
What skill (or gift) does Arista say all bees have?
According to the globe, how many Live Ones are living in Ever After?
Who is the most powerful spirit?
Bo Cleevil
What product on the Holo-Vision claimed will have you “smelling like a normal law-abiding citizen”
Crook-B-Gone cologne
What does the Bogey do to those he catches?
Sucks them up into nothingness
What are the possible consequences of NOT following the rules in the undertaker's office?
Possible mutilation and a fine
Where are the four portals in May Bird's world that lead to the Ever After?
Hot spring in Japan, ocean near Bermuda, one in Europe and one in the mountains of West Virginia
What can happen to a spirit that doesn't show up for work?
Can be fired and have Earth priviledges revoked
What does the name 'Lucius” mean?
After Lucius save Pumpkin from the wave, what was Pumpkin doing when May Bird found him?
Reading magazines
Why did Lucius disappear in the grotto?
He was shot by a water gun filled with water from the Dead Sea
What payment did John the Jibber and May Bird agree upon for his help in getting to The Book of the Dead?
The comfort blanket from the North Farm
What did the Egyptians call Somber Kitty and what does it mean in English?
Dine Akbar, big ears
How did John the Jibber say he could tell Pumpkin was a house ghost?
House servants are dimmer than the rest
How did John the Jibber die?
He was hung from the ceiling of a cave in a barrel for 7 days because he betrayed his friends.
What is the address of the Final Haunt hotel?
178 Many Moans Way
What room did May ask for at the Final Haunt?
What room was May Bird assigned at the Final Haunt?
Why were cats outlawed?
Shuck dogs are deathly afraid of them
What are people who are not dead called in the Ever After
Live Ones
Who is the author if May-Birs and the Ever After?
Jodi Lynn Anderson
What is May-Bird's full name?
May Ellen Bird
What breed of cat is Somber Kittly?
An hairless Rex
What did May-Bird use to try to fly off of her mother's roof?
A bunch of balloons
In what state is the town of Briery Swamp?
West Virginia
What was the postmark date of the old letter that May-Bird found?
What kind of bushes does May-Bird have to fight her way through to get to the lake?
the Endless Briers
What is the name of the boarding school that May-Bird's mother wants to send her to?
Saint Agatha's Boarding School for Girls with High Socks
The house that May-Bird and her mother live in has a special name. What is it?
White Moss Manor
Where does May-Bird first see "Pumpkin?"
sitting on her bed
What insects are on the windchime above May-Bird's bed?
What does May-Bird travel through to get to the Ever-After?
What does Pumpkin tell May-Brid that crying sets off?
"the detector"
The "bogey" uses these animals to find it's prey. What are they?
How many exits are there from the theater?
Where does the boat that May-Bird and Pumpkin are in head for?
The Southern Territories
Somber Kitty follows them in a boat. Where does his boat head?
The Pit of Despair Amusement Park
Where is Pumpkin's home?
Belle Morte
Is Pumpkin a ghost or a spector?
A ghost
What do some ghosts like to eat?
Who is the Ever After's most powerful spirit?
Bo Cleevil
What do the inhbitants of Ever-After call television?
What message appears on the cover of the book that May-Bird finds at The Moldy Page?
I see you
What name does May-Bird call the Undertaker?
grim reaper
How many portals are there between Earth and the Ever After?
What does May-Bird have to find in the City of Ether?
The Book of the Dead
Why can't Pumpkin sleep?
He misses his grave.
Why do the ghouls lay on towels all over the beach?
They are star bathing
What kind of blanket does May-Bird find that transports her back to her room?
A comfort blanket handcrafted by the Spirits of North Farm