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President _ years old
President serve _ terms or __ years
2 terms or 8 years
The president is the economic ____ of the U.S. He submits the ___ budget to be approved by the _____
House of Representatives
A __________ is held by the national committees of each party to determined who will be their candidate for president and vice president
National Party convention
___ out of ___ is the total number of electoral votes needed to be elected President.
270 out of 538
______ are the advisors to the President. They help them make tough decisions
How would the President enforce his powers in the following situations?

Executive powers
Legislative Powers
Military Powers
EP - vetoing laws
LP- suggest laws
MP- passing troops for 60 days
___ of confederation was replaced by the ____. The constitutions says ___ branches in the government
Triangular trade route slaves came from ___. Many died of disease on ____ _____. _____ was the practice of selling more goods than you were buying.
Middle Passages
The _____ limited the king's right and gave power to the Nobles. It was created in 1215
Magna Carta
The ideas of John ____ and the Social ___ by Jean-Jaques ___ were developed in the U.S. declaration of independence written by ____ in ____. It stated that __________
Thomas Jefferson
all people are born with natural rights Thomas Payne
Declaration of Independence was written by
Thomas jefferson
When was declaration of Independence written
____ the author of the ____ sense encouraged citizens to declare independence from Britain
Thomas Payne
Common Sense
According to ____, the Social Contract said ____________

People give up certain freedoms in exchange for protection from the government
Montesquieu believed that there should be _______
divided branches of government
Declaration of independence was directly affected by the thinkers of the ______ in Europe
Was the American Revolution a justification of Declaration of independence? Explain
Taxation and their independence
What are the 5 amendments of the First Amendment?
1. Speech
2. Petition
3. Religion
4. Assembly
5. Press
What was the MAIN problem created by the French and Indian War?
Huge Debt
The Quartering-Act forced colonist to
clothe and feed the British soldiers and keep them in there house
No ___ without ______ led direction to the ____________. (America won)
taxation without representation

led to Revolutionary war
What is the difference between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey plan?
Virginia, big states, population > NJ equal representation
Thomas Jefferson
Leader of anti-federalist
Alexander Hamiliton
Leader of federalist
Bill of Rights
was included in the constitution to appease the Anti-Federalist
Goals of Anti-Federalist
No government
Goals of Federalist
Put in order of the following documents/ amendments: 13, 14, Bill of Rights, Articles of Confederation, 15,
In order:

Declaration, Articles, Constitution, Bill of Rights, 13th, 14th, 15th
What was added to the Constitution to protect the individual liberties against governmental abuse?
Bill of Rights
Which prevents one branch from becoming too strong?
Checks and Balances
How does the government gain its control? The consent of governed represents this by the idea of ___________
Popular Sovereignty
Articles of _______. Distrusted strong central government
Constitution: ______ strong central government
Major political parties in the U.S.
1. Democratic
2. Republican
Democratic Party
beliefs - liberal, strong, weak, tax wealthy
con, weak central gov't
strong states tax middle class
Political Parties- role to ____ candidates for public offices and conduct campaigns
_____ powers not listed in the constitution "necessary and proper clause"
Implied Powers
Examples of theses in action __________
Income Tax
What are 3 responsibilites of the State government?
1. Education
2. Voting/ Election
3. Marriage/ Divorce

Issues are more directed for the people
13th amendment
abolishes slavery
14th amendment
defines US citizenship
15th Amendment
Right to vote not based on race
What are the federalist papers? Who wrote them? Why was a system of checks and balances a major theme?
Essays defending the Constitution

Written by Alexander Hamilton

Madison and Jay Arguement over the Constitution
How does a bill become a law?

What is the role of the house/senate?

Explain the last major step
Someone sends it to congress

The house/senate vote on it and it goes to the president to approve or veto the bill.
Marbury V Madison
established Judicial Review- supreme court can go back and look at cases
McCulloch V Maryland
rule that the state could not tax an agency
Gibbons V Odgen
Affirmed that only the congress could regulate commerce
Dred Scott
Protected peoples right to own slaves by overturning compromises on slavery in the territories that didn't have slavery.
Define lobbying: what is main purpse? whose interest do lobbyists have when shaping their ideas? why are lobbyist objected to so much?
repersentative of an interest group who contacts law makers or other government officials directly their policy
Define civic involvement
individual participating in the community
Match the term Conservative/ Liberal/ Middle

Republican - Conservative
Democrat- Liberal
Independent- Middle
Members of the ________ Court are appointed by the _____ and approved by ____
Supreme Court
The President
What role does a grand jury have prior to a court case?
Decide if their is enough evidence to indict/ formally change
how can an amendment change? give an example
It can be canceled out by another one
Define ratification-
to vote approval of
_____ committee is always there

_____ committee is for special occasions.

_____ committee is between both the Senate and House.


define a conference committee:
work on the details of a proposed law to make it agreeable to both the House and Senate
Law making process and hearings on issues and bills are held in
_______ meetings
What is a pork barrel project?
The voting district changed to get the same group of people in the district
What is a gerrymander?
oddly shaped voting district
What are the 4 factors of Production:
1. land
2. labor
3. capital
4. entrepreneurship
What role do resources play in this equation?
Resources are used in everything
Blue Collar Worker:
White Collar Worker:
business men
What types of skills would each job need?
hands on, knowledge
Which one would be more likely to have a higher salary?
White Collar
If supply ____ then price will decrease. If _____ increases then price will increase
supply increases

demand increases
How does shortage effect purchasing a good?
The price will be higher, Jordans Clip
Define opportunity cost
what you give up in exchange for another
explain the role of the stock market
buy a chunk of company or a stock then sell if price goes up
variable costs
cost that change based on siutations
costs that DON'T change
ex: Rent
Define the law of diminishing returns
satisfaction goes down as the # consumed goes up
The government and private enterprise exist together as major economic participants what type of economy?
Mixed Economy
What is ONE advantage of forming a corporation?
Shared Risk
many items
few items
is tax placed on tobacco and gasoline
What is the difference between fixed and variable cost?
Fixed costs does NOT change, variable changes
when you send jobs overseas
trade surplus
export more than you import
How does productivity affect supply?
productivity goes up so does supply

productivity goes down so does supply
What does Laissez-faire mean?
hands off approach
Who is adam smith?
Father of Capitalism/ Economics
wrote the wealth of nations
what is the equilibrium price?
price in the middle
what is the invisible hand in capitalism?
A strike is when
refusal to work until the problem is resolved
IF GDP goes down for ___ straight months, we are in a _________
6 straight months
considered a depression
What is the reserve requirement?
Amount of money a Bank is required to keep at a given time
What is GDP?
Gross Domestic Product measure of a companys output
what is comparative advantage?
when a certain country has an advantage over another and uses it
Banks make money by charging _______
What is the organization that will ensure your money up to $100,000 if the banks fail?