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A substance made up of only one type of matter. Gold, silver and oxygen are examples.
Two or more types of matter that are mixed together; each keeping its own chemical properties.
A tool used to separate things by size.
The change of a liquid to gas.
A substance made when two or more elements are joined; each losing its own properties.
How are elements named?
1. Latin words
2. Greek words
3. scientists
4. place where elements are discovered.
How does a compound differ from a mixture?
The elements of a mixture keeps its properties when mixed but compounds do not keep its properties. The mixture can be separated by physical properties but the compound is separated by chemical means.
Why are alloys used to make certain products?
A mixture of alloys or 2 or more metals makes a product more flexible but strong like jewelry or pots or steel.
Can an element be broken down into simpler materials?
No, because the properites of a large or a small piece of element are the same.
Are all elements classified according to their properties?
What is the name of the table that classifies the elements?
Periodic Table
What does "repeating in a pattern" mean?
What is the shorthand symbol of the element for carbon?
What is the shorthand symbol for Calcium?
The building blocks of matter are?
An element is a substance that is made up of?
A type of matter
An element cannot be broken down into other smaller materials with different?
The properties of a large or a small element are?
the same
Elements are classifed in the?
periodic table according to their properties
The elements in the periodic table are arranged in?
columns called groups
The elements in a group have?
similar properties
Elements may be named?
1. Honor scientists
2. Where they are discovered
3. Latin or greek words
Each element has a standard what?
shorthand symbol
Elements can be combined to form?
a mixture
In a mixture, each element keeps its?
original chemical properties
The parts of a mixture can be separated using its?
using their physical properties
Mixtures can be separated by?
1. filter
2. evaporation
3. carbon
When 2 or more elements are combined chemically?
compound forms
The properties of the compound are different from the properties of _____ it is made from?
Common examples of compounds include?
water, sugar, table salt and rust
A mixture of 2 or more metals are called?
Steel is a mixture of?
iron, carbon, chromium, nickel
Information on the properties of elements and compounds help develop the science of?