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Mendeleev discovery.
that the properties of the elements recurred at regular intervals.
Mendeleev left spaces.
for elements not yet discoverd.
The modern periodic.
is based on the periodic law.
Horizontal rows are called.
are called periods.
Vertical are called.
are called groups or families.
Design of the periodic table.
chemical families.
alkali metal,alkaline earth metal,transition metal,boron family,carbon family,nitrogen family,oxygen family,halogen family,noble gas,rare-earth element,lanthanoid series,actinoid series.
Elements in the same family.
have similar properties.
Each square in the periodic table.
gives the elemenst name, chemical symobol,atomicnumber,and atomic mass.
The number of valence electrons in an atom of an element.
is the key to its placement in a family in the periodic table.
periodic properties of the elements include.
electron arrangement reactivity atomic size and metallic properties.