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These lines never touch
parrell lines
A line that intersects parrell lines is called _________.
this means opposite angles
Vertical angles
Tthis means the same in math terms
straight line
180 degree
two lines intersect to make four right angles
perpendicular lines
lines that cross each other
intersecting lines
lines that go up and down
vertical lines
Any of the four angles formed between two straight lines intersected by a third straight line.
interior angle
any pair of angles that have the same relative position at each intersection where a straight line crosses two others
corresponding angles
Two angles whose sum is 90°.
Complementary angles
The angle or arc that when added to a given angle or arc makes 180° or a semicircle
supplementary angle
When a transversal intersects two lines
alternate interior
when a transversal intersects two lines
alternate exterior
a plane polygon which is both equilateral and equiangular.
regular polygon
a polygon whose interior angles are not equal and/or its sides are not equal in length
irregular polygon