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3 Building Blocks of Geometry
Points, Lines, Planes
no side, only location
Ex: .P
straight arrangements of points,
extends forever
flat surface, extending forever
Colinear/Coplanar Points
two or more points that line on the same line/plane.
Two geometric figures are congurent if and only if they are identical in shape and size.
Conditional/If-Then Statement
A statement that can be expressed as an if-then statement.
Ex: IF a polygon is a hexagon, THEN it has exactly 6 sides.
Converse Statement
The statement formed by reversing the two parts of a conditional statement.
Biconditional/ If-Then Statement
A statement in which a conditional statement and it's converse are both true.
Ex:An angle is a right angle IF AND ONLY IF its measure is 90.
Right/Acute/Obtuse Angle
Angle whos measure is 90
Angle whos measure is less then 90.
Angle whose mesure is 180
Angle bisector
a ray that had an end point on the vertex of an angle and that divides the angle into two angles of equal measure.
two lines on the same plane that never intersect
Complementary Angles
angles that are 90 when added together
Supplementary Angles
two angles that if added together = 180.
Vertical Angles
angles that are across from each other that have the same measure.
Diagonals of a Polygon
When a line from the point of a polygon connects diagonally to the other point.
Equilateral Polygons
a polygon whose sides are all congruent
A polygon whose angles are equal in measure
Polygon that is both equilateral and equiangular
Scalene Triangle
When all 3 sides of the triangle are different lengths.
Isoceles Triangle
When 2 or more sides are equal to each other
Medians of Triangle
A segment connecting the midpoint of aside to the opposite vertex.
Altitude of Triangle
A perpendicular segment from a vertex to the opposite side.
a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.
a quadrilateral with exactly 2 paris of distinct congruent sides.
A quadrilateral in which both parits of opposite sides are parallel.
an equilateral parallelogram
an equiangular rhombus or an equilateral rectangle.
an equiangular parallelogram.