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a parallelogram
-both pairs of opposite sides parallel
-oppsite angles congruent
-opposite sites congruent
-adjacent angels supp
-diagonals bisect eachother
-one diagonal creates two congruent triangles
a rectangle
-all properties of a parallelogram
-one right angle--> all right angles
-diagonals are congruent
a rhombus
-properties of a parallelogram
-all sides congruent
-interection of diagonals is perpendicular
-both diagonals biusect rhomubs angles
-diagonals create 4 right triangles
a square
-prop of a parallelogram
-prop of rectangle
-prop of a rhomubs
-diagnoals-four isosceles right triangles
a kite
-two distinct pairs of consecutive sides
-diagonals perpendicular
-one diagonal bisects the opposite angles
-one diagonal bisected
a trapezoid
-exactly one pair of parallel sides (bases)
an isosceles trapezoid
-all prop of a trapezoid
-non parallel sides congruent
-lower base angles congruent
-upper base angles congruent
-diagonals are congruent
statement is hypothesis then conculsion...conditional statement
if then that is true
part of the if-then that must be true if the hypothesis is true
linear pair of angles
a pair of adjacent angles wholes non-common rays form a straight line
linear pair property
if two angles are linear pair then the sum of angles is 180
vertical angles
vertical angles are angles opposite one another at the intersection of two lines
vertical angles theorem
vertical angels congruent
supplementary angles
sum 180
complementary angles
90 degrees
interior angles, exterior angels alternate interior angles, exc.
only if two parallel lines cut by a transversal
acute angle
less than 90
measure greater then 90 and less than 180
re-statement of an if-then statement where hypothesis and conclusion switched
triangle inequality theorem
sum of the lengths of any two sides oc a triangle is greater than the length of the third side