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acute angle
an angle less than 90 degrees
acute triangle
each three angles are acute
the numbers to be added in an addition expression. for example
7+4+8. 7,4,8 are the addend
algebraic expression
an expression that consist of one or more variables. it contains some constant and some operations
an angle is form by two rays with the same endpoint.
a number of square units in a region
an arrangements of object, pictures, or numbers in columns and rows
associative property of addition
the way in which addends are group does not change the sum
associative property of multiplication
states that the way in which factors are group does not change the product
the number found by dividing the sum of a group of numbers by the number of addends
bar graph
graphs in which information is shown by means of rectangular bars
the amount a containers can hold
the metric temperature scale
also called centigrade
a metric unit used to measure length 100cm= 1 meter
a closed figure in which every point is the same distance from a given point called the center of the circle
commutative property of addition
states that the order of addends does not change the sum. also called order property of addition
commutative property of multiplication
states that the order of factors does not change the product
composite number
a whole number that has more than two factors
a solid that has a circular base and a surface from a boundary of the base of the vertex
congruent figures
figures that has the same size and same shape
an ordered pair of numbers that locates a point in the coordinate plane with reference to the x and y axis
a solid figure that has six square faces of equal size
cubic centimeter
a metric unit for measuring volume. it is a volume of a cube with each edge one centimeter long
a solid with two circular faces that are congruent and a cylindrical surface connecting the two faces
a number with one or more digits to the right of a decimal point
the number below the bar in a fraction
diameter of a circle
a segments that connect points on the circle an passes through the center
the number that is divided in the division
one number is divisible by another if the quotient is a whole number and the remainder is zero
the number by which a number is being 6/3=2, the divisor is 3
double bar graph
a graph in which data is compared by means of pairs of rectangular bars drawn next to each other
the segment where two faces of a solid figure meet
the point at either end of a line segment. the beginning point of a ray
a mathematical sentence with an equals signs
equilateral triangle
a triangle that has three congruent sides
equivalent fraction
fractions that show different numbers with the same value
evaluating an expresion
substituting the values given for the variables ad performing the operations to find the value of the expression
i probability, a result of an experiment that can be classified as certain, likely, unlikely, or impossible to occur
a flat surface of a solid figure
fact family
facts that are related, using the same number

1+4=5, 4+1=5
one of two or more numbers that are multiplied to give a product
factor of a number
a number that divide evenly into a given number
the customary temperature scale
a number that names a part of a whole. a part of a collection, or a part of a region
horizontal axis
the axis in a coordinate system. it is a number line that locates points to the left or to the right of the origin
improper fraction
a fraction that is greater to or equal to one
a customary unit used to measure length 12inches equal one foot
a sentence that contains < >
a set of positive numbers and their opposites
isosceles triagles
a triangle that has 2 congruent sides