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postulate 2.1

Through any two points...
there is exactly one line
postualte 2.2

Through any three points not on the same line...
there is exactly one plane
postulate 2.3

A line contains
at least two points
A plane contains...
at least three points that are not on the same line.
if two points lie on a plane
then the entire line containing those points lies in that plane
if two lines intersect, then
their intersection is exactly one point
If two planes intersect
then their intersection is a line
MidPoint Theorem
If M is the midpoint of line AB then line AM is congruent to line MB
Ruler Postulate
distance and
Segment Addition postulate
If AB+BC=AC then B is between A and C
What are the conruence of segments (theorem)
Reflexive,symetric, and transitive
Angle Addition Postulate
If R is the interior of angle PQS, then measure of angle PQR+ measure of angle RQS= measure of PQS.