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shows relationship among a set of numbers or odjects using overlaping circles in a rectangle
Venn diagram
a whole number with exactly 2 factors, 1 and itself
prime number
tells how many times a number is used as a factor
GCF of the number and denominator is 1
simplest form
language that uses a base two system of numbers
a number,variable, or product of numbers and/or variables
the greatest number that is a factor of two or more numbers
a number that is expressed using an exponent
what is scientific notation
Scientific notation helps scientists put big numbers into a smaller form so they don't have to write as much and not as many mistakes are made. It is when you move the decimal point left or right untill you have made a number more than one, but less than ten with the extra zeros left off. You then count the number of places you moved the dp and use that # as an exponent over a power of ten times the number you have just made by moving the dp.
is 6a+2b a monomial?
no b/c addition is involved