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What is a point on a line?
ordered pair
What is an ordered pair?
(x1,y1) that can be plotted on a graph
What is the standard form for a linear equation of two variables?
Ax + By = C

where A,B,C are real numbers and where A and B are not both equal to zero

e.g. -3x + 1y = 2 --> y = 3x + 2;
What is a straight line?
the graph of a linear equation in two variables ex: y = 3x - 2
What is a y intercept?
the value of y when x is zero
What is a x intercept?
the value of x when y is zero
What is the equation of a horizontal line?
y = k

where k is a real number
What is the equation of a vertical line?
x = k

where k is a real number

note: a vertical line is not a function
What is the slope of a line?
m = change in y / change in x
What do you need to calculate the slope of a line?
2 ordered pairs: (x1,y1) & ( x2, y2)
What is the formula for the slope of a line?
m = ( y2 - y1 ) / ( x2 - x1 )

for order pairs (x1, y1) & ( x2, y2)
What is a slope of a horizontal line?
What is the slope of a vertical line?

(also, a vertical line is not a function)
What are the slopes of parallel lines?
two lines are parallel if they have the same slope
What is the slope of perpendicular lines?
2 lines whose slopes have a product of -1
What is a slope intercept form of a line?
y = mx + b

where m = slope and b = y intercept
What is a point slope form of a line?
y - y1 = m(x - x1)

where m is the slope and (x1,y1) is any point on the line
What is a function?
A function f(x) has no more than one y for every x in the domain. 'f' is the name of the function and 'x' is the variable in the function.

e.g. f(x) = 2x + 3
What is the domain of a function f?
The set of all values of x that can produce a value of y.
What is the domain of

f(x) = 1 / x ?
all real numbers, except x = 0

(because 1/0 is undefined)
What is the range of a function f?
the set of all values that can be computed for y by using all the values in the domain
Which way to lines with positive slope go? negative slope go?
Positive slope lines go up from left to right.

Negative slope lines go down from left to right.

Zero slope lines are horizonal (flat).