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how to classify weight related to gestational age
SGA small for gesational age - <10%

Average (AGA) 10-90

Large (LGA) >90
classify birth weight regardless of gestational age
LBW - <2500g
VLBW <1500g
ELBW <1000g
- result of malnutrition during gestation

- symmetric IUGR - proportional reduction of all structures besides heart a and brain - weight, length, Head circ affected
- due to early malnutrition

- asymmetric IUGR - disporoportional reduction in size and structure of organs due to malnutrition later in pregnancy
- head sparing - weight and length affected
what does IUGR baby look like
- large head
- large ant fontanel
- long nails
- dec wharton's jelly on umbil cord
- loose skin, thin extremities
IUGR baby important assessments
IUGR baby at risk for
- respiratory distress r/t meconium aspiration
- hypoglycemia and hypocalcemia
difficulty delivering shoulders
- shoulder distocia
LGA babies are at risk for ______ during delivery
- shoulder distocia due to large size
- breech presentation
- cesarian birth
What assessments are important for LGA babies?
- birth traumas - fractured clavicles, brachial nerve damage, facial nerve damage, cephalohematoma
- polycythemia - in neonates for diabetic motehrs r/t dec in extracellular fluid and/or hypoxia
- hyperbilirubinimia, jaundice r/t polycythemia
blood in diaper newborn baby girl
maternal sex hormones - `cause of psuedomenstruation/ breast labial engorgement
how often do newborns feed?
- breastfed may only be once every other day due to how well it is absorbed
- bottle fed is 1-2x a day
- six times a day for when feeding has been established
aka LGA
LGA aka
- define for term baby
>4500g for term baby
damage to upper plexus resulting from stretching or pulling away of shoulder
erb palsy
erb palsy
damage to upper plexus resulting from stretching or pulling away of shoulder
complication of hyperbilirubinemia
- kinicterus
- accumulation of unconj bilirubin in brain
- toxic
- ss - deafness, delayed motor, hypotonia, intellectual defecits
- complication of hyperbilirubinemia
- accumulation of unconj bilirubin in brain
- toxic
- ss - deafness, delayed motor, hypotonia, intellectual defecits
ABO incompatibility is when mother is ____
- mother is O and baby is A or B
in what cases are hyperbilirubinemia pathologic
- jaundice within 24h
- jaundice >1w term, >2w preterm
Rh isoimmunization
- occurs when Rh neg mother develops antibodies for Rh postive baby
- doesn't affect 1st pregnancy, but affects subsequent Rh pos babies
- can be prevented with Ig (RhoGAM) at 26-28w, then another dose after birth
Rh neg woman gave birth to Rh positive baby.
- assess for antiRh antibodies (Coomb's test)
Hemolytic diseases of the newborn include
- ABO incompatibility - O mom, A/B child
- Rh incompatibility - Rh neg mom, Rh pos child
how to evaluate lung maturity
- produced by mature lung cells, and present in amniotic fluid
- presence in amniotic fluid indicates lung maturity

L/S ratio
- lecithin and sphingomyelin ratio of 2:1 or greater indicates maturity
- for diabetic mothers, 3:1 or greater
normal range of PaO2 and paCO2

- tachypnea and resp difficulty
- expiratory grunting, nasal flaring
- skin dusky gray, central cyanosis
- lethargic, hypotonic
- causes of RDS
- underdeveloped, small alveoli + insufficient surfactant
gavage feeding on neonate. how to check for placement
- aka NG tubes for neonates

- air bolus, listen for gurgling sound or whoosh in abdomen
- check residuals

- must check after insertion and before each feeding