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Parenting may be described as
process of role transition that begins during pregnancy or while awaiting adoption
Attachment is facilitated by
positive feedback
How closely the dream child resembles the real child influences
the bonding process
The parent-infant relationship is strengthened through the use of sensual responses and abilities by both partners in the interaction. List and briefly describe the 8 from the text.
1. touch (means to become aquainted with the infant)
2. eye contact (once baby looks at them feel much closer
3. voice (respond to each other voice)
4. odor (respond to each others odor)
5. entrainment (newborns move in time with the structure of adult speech
6. biorhythmicity (infant being soothed by hearing mothers heart beat
7. reciprocity (body movement or behavior that providers the observed with cues
8. synchrony (the fit between the infant cues and the parents response)
Strong emotions such as _______________________________ arise when dealing with a crying infant.
helplessness, inadequacy and anger

being consoled easily, enjoying being cuddled, and making eye contact
What are the new names provided by Mercer (2004) for the stages in the process of establishing a maternal identity while becoming a mother?
1. commitment, attachment, and preparation
2. acquiaintance, learning and physical restoration
3. moving toward a new normal
4. achievement of the maternal identity
What are some teaching for self-care points to help cope with postpartum blues?
remember blues are normal
-get plenty of rest
-use relaxation techniques
-do something for yourself
-plan a day oout of the house
-talk to your partner about the way you feel
-if breast feeding give you and baby time to learn
-seek out and use community resources
Lesbian parents deal with _____ by using a variety of techniques.
public ignorance
social and legal invisibility
lack of biologic connection to the child
What are the 3 components listed for development of a father-infant relationship?
1. making a commitment
2. becoming connected
3. making room for baby
The term used for the father’s absorption, preoccupation, and interest in the infant is______________.
List and briefly describe the 3 ways in which infant-parent interactions can be facilitated.
-modulation of rhythm
-modification of behavioral repertoires
-mutural responsivity
How parents react to the birth of their child is influenced by various factors including:
age, socioecnonomic conditions, a personal aspirations for the future
Many teen mothers can identify a source of social support; with the predominant source being
their own mothers
Culture defines what is socially acceptable in terms of
eye contact, touch, and space
Culture influences the interactions with
the baby as well as the parents or familys caregiving style
What are examples of positive and negative behaviors siblings may demonstrate?
regression in toileting and sleeping habits

aggression toward the baby and increased seeking of attention and whining
Increasing numbers of grandparents are providing permanent care to their grandchildren as a result of______.
substance abuse
child abuse / neglect
teenage pregnancy
mental health problems