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What organizational levels does material planning use? (152)
Client, Company Code, Plant, Storage Location
What master data does MP use? (153)
Material master, BOM, Routings
Which material master views are used for manufacturing? (154)
MRP, Work scheduling, Basic data, FI
What does MRP type in materials master determine? (156)
How material is to be planned -- consumption-based, MRP, no planning
What do lot sizing procedure, procurement type, and strategy group in the MRP views of materials master determine? (156)
Lot sizing -- lot size of procurement proposals
Procurement type -- in-house production or external procurement
Strategy group -- behavior of planned independent requirements
What things are determined by material type? (157)
• Screens that appear in material master record
• Department-specific data that can be maintained
• Material number assignment
• Allowed procurement types
• GL accounts that are updated
Can additional company-specific material types be created? (157)
Yes, in customizing
Does SAP directly support multi-level BOMs? (157)
No. These are represented through several sinle-level BOM’s
What is the difference between the base quantity in the BOM header and the quantity in the BOM items? (157)
Quantity in header indicates the quantity of finished product that the item quantities refer to.
What are the different item categories in a BOM? (160)
Stock item, non-stock item, document item, text item, variable-size item, class item, intra material

What are documents and text items in a BOM used for? (158)
Supplementary information (like the production process)
What is the difference between stock and non-stock items in a BOM? (158)
Stock items -- processed trhough warehouse. Non-stock items -- assigned directly
Name one item category that does not require a material number at the time of BOM creation. (158)
Non-stock item
(Also Document item and Text item)
Routings can contain alternate and parallel sequences in addition to the standard sequence