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The safe completion of a pregnancy includes
consideration of what multiple factors?
(1) General health status /condition.
(2) Current pregnancy status.
(3) Fertility difficulties.
(4) Job/rate/rank/NEC/tasks assigned.
(5) Lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, medications).
(6) Work site.
(7) Adequate obstetrical care that meets American
College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Guidelines (ACOG).
Individual Sick Slip
DD Form 689
Medical Record Consultation Sheet
SF 513
Department of the Navy Family
Care Plan Certificate
NAVPERS 1740/6
Family Care Plan Arrangements
NAVPERS 1740/7
Administrative Remarks
NAVPERS 1070/613
Occupational Exposures of
Reproductive or Developmental Concern – Supervisor’s Statement
NAVMED 6260/8
Occupational Exposures of
Reproductive or Developmental Concern – Worker’s Statement
NAVMED 6260/9