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the only 2 factors that can cause the heart to be hypereffective / "a better pump than normal"
nervous stimulation

hypertrophy of the heart muscle
What happens to the CO curve and IPP if you blow a trumpet?
it reduces both
when does IPP change?
inspiration and expiration
CO = arterial pressure / ?
What do beriberi, AV shunts, anemia, and Hyperthyroidism have in common?
all have reduced TPR.
At what right atrial pressure is the venous return 0 L/min?
7 mmHg

mean systemic filling pressure
The slope of the venous return curve is inversely proportional to the ______.
System resistance

As resistance increases the slope decreases.
Factors causing decreased venous return
decr blood volume
decr sympathetics
incr venous compliance and decr MSFP
What's RVR?

?resistance? venous return

1 / slope of the VR curve

the slope of the VR curve is affected by resistance
What' s the Fick method of calculating the cardiac output
CO = O2 absorbed per minute by lungs / arteriovenous O2 difference