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the net filtration pressure in the kidneys

(10 times that in normal capillaries)
Urinary Excretion equation
Filtration - Reabsorption + Secretion
Why is there a secretory component for the urinary system
for items that are not easily or efficiently removed
What mechanism drives filtration
An important component of solute reabsorption in the thick ascending limb is the ___________ pump in the epithelial cell basolateral membranes
sodium-potassium ATPase
______ is pumped out of the cell by sodium-potassium ATPase and chloride diffuses into the interstitial fluid via chloride channels.
The mechanism by which aldosterone increases sodium reabsorption while at the same time increasing potassium secretion is by stimulating the ________pump on the basolateral side of the cortical collecting tubule membrane.
sodium-potassium ATPase
Transport that is coupled directly to an energy source, such as the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), is termed primary active transport. A good example of this is the _______ pump
sodium-potassium ATPase
Transport that is coupled indirectly to an energy source, such as that due to an ion gradient, is referred to as __________
secondary active transport
Reabsorption of glucose by the renal tubule is an example of __________ transport
secondary active
Some substances, such as ________, are almost completely reabsorbed from the tubules, so that the urinary excretion rate is essentially zero.
glucose and amino acids
Many of the ions in the plasma, such as _________, are also highly reabsorbed, but their rates of reabsorption and urinary excretion are variable, depending on the needs of the body.
chloride, and
Certain waste products, such as _________, conversely, are poorly reabsorbed from the tubules and excreted in relatively large amounts.
urea and creatinine