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Flow = ?
P change / R
P change = ?
Arterial pressure - venous pressure
decreased resistance affects flow how?
increases flow
causes of turbulent flow
high velocity, sharp turns, quick decrease in vessel size, rough walls
laminar flow is only possible with what kind of fluid
"ideal fluid" or Newtonian fluid
reynolds number
Re = density * velocity * length / viscosity
what is magic Reynolds number?
How would you describe flow if Reynolds number is 2000? 5000?
2000: laminar

5000: turbulent
1mmHg = ? mmH2O
types of noninvasive flow meters
U/S doppler
Resistance = ?
P change / Flow
What is peripheral resistance unit? (PRU)
1 mmHg at 1 ml/sec flow rate
what is flow rate from fron to back
CO [l/min]
CGS units
dynes * sec / cm^5
Series resistances add how?
R1 + R2 + R3 + ....=R
Parallel resistances add how?
1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + ....=1/R
Poiseulle's law
Q = Pi*P change * r^4 / 8nl
conductance = ?
1 / resistance
How does HCT affect viscosity?
increases viscosity
diff b/w distensibility and compliance?
eg, arteries are more compliant
veins are more distensible
diff b/w compliance and capacitance?
eg: veins have more capacitance
arteries are more compliant
compliance formua?
C = volume change / pressure change
Increased stroke volume's effect on pulse pressure.
increased pulse pressure
relative pulse pressure with arteriosclerosis
b/c of decreased compliance w/ age, how would expect pulse pressure and avg pressure to change?
increased pulse pressure
increased avg pressure
compliance = distensibility * what?
compliance = capacitance * what?

distensibility and capacitance are interchangeable
what is the central venous pressure?
pressure in the right Atrium
factors that increase RAP (right arterial pressure)
incr blood vol
incr venous tone
dilation of arterioles
decr cardiac function
A capillary is composed of a unicellular layer of of endolium surrounded by a ________.
basement membrane
how does solute and water move acros the capillary wall
intracellular cleft or plasmalemma vesicles
what types of substances can diffuse directly thru cell membrane of capillaries?
lipid soluble substances
solid structures in the interstitium
collagen and proteoglycan
what is Donnan equilibrim effect?
when there is charged attraction caused by proteins (need to reword)
What is the Net filtration pressure (NP) of capillary
NP = P_c - Pi_c - P_if + Pi_if