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Where behavior takes place
an observable physical and an unobservable mental level
Lance Armstrong example point?
importance of achieving the level of motivation needed to make difficult sacrifices
The world includes potential influces that will....
not affect us unless we allow them to do so.
Frogs in a bucket example point:
you can either let the world control you or you can control what you are able to control
Chapter Three Point:
Leading outselves to do unattractive but necessary tasks
self control/self management
strategies that alter the world and the way it impacts us in a ben. way; strategies that directly impose upon ourselves to influence our own behavior
Reminders and Attention Focusers
(anniversary reminder), using physical objects to remind us, string around your finger, make a list of pending tasks
Removing Negative Cues
eliminate cues that can lead to bad behavior, identify things that cause bad behavior and remove from presence
Increasing Positive Cues
set up cues to encourage behavior, arrange cues that impact on important matter, co-workers, being with ppl who have same values as us
self awareness
information we possess about ourselves
self observation
determining when, why and under what conditions we use certain behaviors, record s-o,
the result toward which your effort is directed
Self set goals need to address:
long range pursuits and short-run objectives
our reason for being, our aim in life, our reason for getting up in the morning, establishes our ultimate long term goals
Purpose Fundamental Questions:
1) who am I?
2) what am I meant to do here?
3) what am I trying to do with my life?