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def: "capable of; worthy of"
ex: honorable, terrible
def: result of an action; an action
ex: marriage, pilgramige
def: relating to
ex: magical, comical, logical
def: act or condition of
ex: assistance, endurance, importance
def: a condition; one that acts
ex: elegant, brilliant
def: place for; collection of
ex: glossary, library
-ary 2
def: relating to; condition or state of
ex: secondary, necessary
-ary 3
def: one who
ex: secretary, dignitary
-ate 2
def 1: to make
def 2: state or quality of
ex1: calculate, activate
ex2: desolate, ultimate
def: one who
ex: beautician, magician
def: act or condition of
ex: persistance, excellence
-ent 2
def1:something that
def2: inclined to
ex1: student, nutrient
ex2: different, fluent
def: more; one who; that which
ex: faster, teacher, clippers
def: full of, having
ex:wonderful, spiteful, dreadful
def: condition of being
ex: wonderful, dreadful