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Mass Media
Internet, Telecommunications and computer industries.
The integration of mass media, computers, and telecommunications.
Digital Divide
The gap in Internet usage between rich and poor, Anglos and minorities.
Computer readable in the format of 1's and 0's.
The export if jobs to other countries.
An electronic or mechanical system that links the source to the receiver.
Decide what appears in the media
An exchange of meaning
Media are not consumed simultaneously by all members of the audience.
targets media to specific segments of the audience.
Economies of Scale
When unit costs go down as production quantities increase.
What is left after operating costs,taxes, and paybacks to investors.
How does media make money?
Direct sales, rentals, subscriptions,usage fees,syndication,license fees,and subsidies.
What invention marked the beginning of the industrial society?
Gutenberg's press
What is the most used form of media?
What is interactivity?
Feedback that is modified as it is presented.
What are some factors the determine how well a form of technology will diffuse into society?
how easy it is to use
Easy to try
Other Users-Who else uses it
Past experience
Who coined the phrase "the medium is the message."
Marshall McLuhan
What does the phrase "The medium is the message" mean?
The way you receive information is more important that the information received.
What is communications media?
Any artificial means of spreading communication.
What are some advantages of going digital?
Easier, better copies
More information in smaller space
Easier to edit or manipulate
Higher transmission quality
User control (personalization)
What are the most censored media?
What is the least censored form of media?
Although most newspaper readership is declining what types of newspapers are growing?
National Dailies (USA Today)
Ethnic papers
What is ego-casting?
Only getting the information that you are interested in.
What is the generational divide?
Young people are going online.
Who developed the TCP/IP protocol?
Vinton Cerf
What was the internet like when it first started out and what was it used for?
Text only and there were no search engines.
It was used for research.
What was Gopher?
A text only search engine.
What is FTP?
File transfer protocol
SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol)
Used to get e-mail from the internet?
What are the benefits of broadband?
24-hr connection
Fast downloading
Allows streaming
Multi-casting:split channels
Wireless access
oversees companies that assign addresses and domain names.
What are the top level domain names?
country names: .it,.fr,.cn,.de
What are the three primary goals of the FCC?
Competition, localism and diversity.
the number of cycles that radio waves complete in a second.
Common carrier principle
telephone companies were not to be allowed to be involved in creating the content of communication, only transmitting it.
rental or licensing of media products.
What did the 1996 Telecommunications Act do?
permitted radio station groups to acquire many more stations and grow much larger.
What two companies dominate satellite radio?
XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio.
Geosynchronous satellites
satellites whose rotation matches that of the earth so they stay in a fixed position relative to the earth's surface.
Format clock
An hourly radio programming schedule