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Blamed human alienation on massproduced written word
marshall mchuhan
requires sophistricated taste to be appreciated
high art
can be appreciated by almost everybody
low art
mass media should gear to sophistricated audiences
pejorative word for trendy, trashy, low art
mass media should seek largest possible audiences
said all pop art is kitsch
dwight macdonald
said social, economic and intellectual levels o faudience coincide
herbert gans
continuum identified by hertbert gan
high-, middle- and low-culture audiences
levels of meida content sophistication that coincide with audience tastes
highbrow, middlebrow and lowbrow
their reaserach indicates a liberal agenda in entertainment programming; colleagues of Stanley Rothman
Linda and Robert Lichter
Media resrach organization
center for media and public affairs
His reasrch indicates a liberal agenda in entertainment programming; colleague of the Lichter
Stanley Rothman
Art that tries to succeed in the marketplace
popular art
pop art has inherent value
pop art revisionsim
Saw cultural, social value in pop art
susan sontag
adjust media contnt to appeal to broader audience
occurs when people realize their vaalues are inconsistent
cognitive dissonance
dichotomy that exposes discrepancies between behavior and values
private actuions versus public morality
communicatgion of cultural values to later generations
historical transmission
communication of clutral values to different cultures
contemporary transmission
process through which news, ideas, values, information spread
diffusion of innovations
dissatifaction with indiviudal and cultural deviations from basic nature
the removal of humankind from natural, tribal state
restoring humankind to nature, trial state
Instantaneous connection of every human being
global village
Monks who copied books manually
In mid-1400s, devised revolutionary preinting process using metal letters
Johannes Gutenberg
Small blockas of type arranged into words, lines and pages
movable metal type
Bibles printed by Gutenberg with movable type. Surviving Bibles are all collectior's items
Gutenberg Bibles
First publisher in the British American colonies
Cambridge Press
Owned a major personal library
John Harvard
Wrote influential reading textbooks in the 1830-1840s
william Holmes McGuffey
Genral-interest titles, including fiction and nonfiction
trade books
Educational professional, reference titles
Elementary and high school book market
The U.S. government publisher
Government Printing Office
fPublishers that charge authors to publish their manuscripts
vanity presses
A book company's catalog of titles
Author's share of book's income
upfront money for an author to sign a contractg with a publisher
When royalty income to an author exceeds the advance
earn out
Person who represents an author in finding a publisher an din negotiating a contract
A ban on expression by authorities
75,000 copies hardcover, 100,000 paperback
best seller
originated Pocket paperbacks in the United States in 1939
Robert de Graff
First moderan U.S. paperbacks
pocket books
Bookstores taht are not part of a chain
independent bookstores
The oldest and largest book club
book of th emonth club
automatic book club shipments unless the subscriber declines in advance
negative option
Founder of, the first web bookseller
Jeff Bezo
Portable electronic devices for on-screen reading of books downloaded from the web
Publishing a book in segments in magazines or newspapers
rights to adapt book for additonal markets
subsidiary rights
Early contributor to identifiable U.S. literature
Saturday Evening Post
Discounted magazine mail rates
Postal Act of 1879
Turn-of century term for invertigative reporting
coined the term muckraking
Theodore Roosevelt
Ezposed Standard Oil
Ida Tarbell
Turn-of-century muchraking magazine
Exposed municipal corruption
Lincoln Steffens
Exposed the meat-packing industry
Upton Sinclair
In-depth, balanced biographical article
personality profile
Pioneered the personality profile
Harold Ross
Adapted the personality profile to Q-and A
Hugh Hefner
Pioneered magazine visuals
Harper's Weekly
Introduced photography in magazines
National geographic
Sold on newsracks
consumer magazines
Largest circulation newsrack magazine
Reader's digest
Founder of Time and later LIfe
Henry Luce
First newsmagazine
Magazine or newspaper?
National Enquirer
Largest magazine circulation
Second largest weekend newspaper supplement
USA Weekend
Free to buyers of Sunday newspapers
Sunday supplements
Founded first women's magazine
Sara Josepha Hale
Leading women's magazines
Seven Sisters
First classy men's magazine
Widely imitated girlie/gifestyle men's magazine
A hybrid print and visual magazine, usually cheaply printed and bound
comic book
Pioneer comic book publisher known for Superman and Batman
DC Comics
Pioneer comic book publisher known for Spider Man and the X-Men
Generally non-newsrack magazine, often member supported.
Sponsored magazine
Keeps memebers of profession, trade informed
trade journal
Cost per thousand
cerbral magazines, edited for the intelligentsia
highbrow slicks
a tool developed byt hte magazine industry to score reader experience as a guide for designing magazines conceptually and for editing content
reader usage measure (RUM)
The press as a player in medieval power structures, in aaddition to the clerical, noble and common estates
fourth estate
British member of Parliament who is sometimes credited with coining the term fourth estates
EDmund Burke
The press as an informally structured check on the legislative, executive and judicial brances of government
fourth branch
concept of the press as a skeptical and critical monitor of government
watchdog role
Governemtn requirement for stations to offer competing political candidates the same time and the same rate for advertising
equal time rule
Former government requirement that stations air all sides of public issues
fairness doctrine
Radio station owner who lost licenses for favoring some political candidates over others
Don Burden
The U.S. Supreme Court upheld First Amendment protection for the preint media even if they are imbalanced and unfair
Tornillo opinion
Sociologist who concluded that media influence on voters generally is indirect
Paul Lazarsfeld
Media effect onindividuals is through opinion leaders
two-step flow
Media-savvy individuals who influence friends and acquaintances
opinion leaders
political information moves from the meida to individuals through complex, ever-changing interpersonal conncetions
multistep flow
stations or programs based on discussion, some with listener participation
talk radio
conservative radio personality with the largest talk-show following
Rush Limbaugh
informal term for talk radio
Created C-SPAN
Brian Lamb
Negative term for dialogue-based television shows
talking heads
Cable network for public and cultural affairs; covers Congress live
Franciful term for C-SPAN
America's town hall
Informal term for online magazine
An internet site, usually for an assigned topic, at which people may sign in, ready other people's messages and contribute their own.
The process through which issues bubble up into public attention through mass media selection on what is cover
The ability of television, through emotion raising video, to elevate distant issues on the domestic public agenda.
CNN effect
process in which the media affect the standard that people use to evaluate political figures and issues
A deliberate disclosure of confidential or classified information by someone who wants to advance the public interest, embarrass a bureaucratic rival or supervisor, or disclose incompetence or skullduggery
To refuse to anser questions, sometimes refusing even to meet with reporters
when a person or institution decides to issue no statements despite public interest and also declines news media questions
news blackout
A staged event to attract media attention, usually lacking substance
short for photo opportunity. A statged event, ususaly photogenic, to attarct media attention
photo op
White House term for media tracking of the president 24 hours a day, seven days a weeks
body watch
responsible for media relations. In this age of broadcasting the term press secretary is outdated
news secretary
when an assistant makes announcements to reporters and ususaly fields questions
news briefing
when a person is charge, like the president, makes announcements to reporters and usually, fields questions.
news conference
The shift in funding and administration of programs from the federal to state government
new federalism
trying to persuade legislators and regulators to a position
His studies have concluded that media advertistin is only one of the many variables in political campaigns
Herbert Alexander
Effect of political advertising on voters is critical only in close campaigns
Thomas Patterson and Robert McClure