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3 stages in the development of mass Medium
-Novelty/develop stage
-Entrepersonal stage
Mass-Medium Stage
How Internet originated and how it's like earlier mass media
-military origins - defense dept
-3 stages od develop.
3 Technologies that made the internet possible
-Digital Communcation
-Fiber-optic cable
5 Major mapping systems of the Internet
-The World Wide Web
-Internet Service providers
-search engines
-instant msg services
How does that Web Work?
It is a linking system that allows comp accessed info to assocaite with or link to other info, no matter where it is in the internet
Major Players vying for internet control?
-Time Warner
-American Online
Media Literacy
Experience - watching TV
Application - get below the service
Maturation - a series of "gates" childhood through adulthood
Field Dependency
Noise - high - chaos of symbols and images
Signal - low - info that comes from noise (big picture)
Tolerance for Ambiguity
ambiguity = unfamilure
Low - chose to ignore msgs that dont meet expectations and confuse
High - willing to follow situations, irreguardless, go behind their own thoughts - more of a motivation
Conceptual Differentiation
conceptual differentiation
High - open minded degree - classify objects into ta lg. # of mutaully exclusive categories
Low - small # of categories - category width ability to classify into these categories - generaliztion
Thomas Edison
-1,043 US patents
Businessman, phonograph, and light bulb
-1st to apply principle of mass production
Edison cont.
-Hello vs. Ahoy-hoy
-Dot & Dash
-You need imagination
Emile Berliner
-invented the disk record gramaphone
-1st patent the gramephone
-invented a loom for mass production
-invented early helicopter
Disk vs Wax cylinder
-flat disks could be mass produced
-wax cylinders, performers had to play of sing for each seperate performance
-Advent of the radio in the 1920's
-Radio wouldn't use record music b/c of ASCAP fees
-Jukeboxes boosted record/phonograph sales
Who was the King of Cover Music?
Pat Boone, and second and sales only to Elvis Presley
When did the British Invasion hit the US recording industry?
-The Beatles led this invasion
Effects of the British Invasion?
-The end of 64' - 31 British hits on the American Top 10
-R&R unofficially became Rock
What 2 directions did the invasion send popular music?
-Influenced hard rock and rock, melody, and softer.
What was considered Soul Music?
Mixed gospel, blues, and urban
Leading Soul artists
-James Brown
-Sam Cooke
-Aretha Franklin
-Ben F. King
-Wilson Pickett
When did punk rock emerge?
What was the purpose of punk rock music?
-To challenge the Orthodoxy and commercialism of the record business
What is an indie?
An independent music label
How many copies must a major label sell to make a profit?
How many CDs must an Indie band sell to make a profit?
Single most important factor in generating massive sales?
Radio Play
Why was the telegraph important in media history?
Mass Media
Who invented the telegraph?
-Samuel Morse
-In the 1840's
-1844 - first line Washington DC to Baltimore
-1861 - coast to coast
-1866 - cross the Atlantic
What is the telegraph?
-Interrupted the electrical along the copper wire
-used a system of dots and dashes
-known as the morse code
Disadvantages of telegraph technology?
-Complicated language code
-unable to transfer human voice
-only those with access to cables could communicate
Who invented wireless technology?
-Guglielmo Marconi
-Made in 1894, pateneted in 1896
-Recieved patent for wireless telegraphy in England
Whose Theories did Marconi use to create his wireless telegraphy
-James Mitchell
-Electromagnectic waves, mid-1860's
-Heinrich Hertz
What was wireless telegraphy?
wireless, voiceless point to point communication
How did Marconi capitalize on his wireless invention?
-Formed the Marconi Wirless Telegraphy Co. in London, 1897 (known as British Marconi)
-Installed wireless on British commercial and naval ships
-In 1899, opened a branch in US (American Marconi)
Who invented wireless telegraphy later known as radio?
Lee De Forest
What were his contributions?
-Audion vaccum tube
-increased the ability to hear dots and dashes, voice, and music
-Estb. the Wireless Telephone Co to compete with Marconi in 1902