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Best Definition of Communication:
The process of creating shared meaning
According to Walter Ong, because of their inherant nature of sound, people from traditionally oral cultures...
...see themsevles as the center of their universe
In mass communication, feedback is typically...
...delayed and inferential
Anything that interferes with successful communication is said to be:
According to Mindich in the reading from JUST THE FACTS...
Objectivity has limitations, Cultural filters influence objectivity, Reporters should strive to tell the truth.
Encoding is...
Transfering messages into understandable sign or symbol
Decoding is...
Interpreting a sign or symbol
What is an advantage of Mass Communication?
Important News travels Fast.
What are some disadvantages of Mass Communication?
No direct feedback, Biased, Less Creativity
What is Culture?
Learned behavior of members of given social group.
What is dominant culture?
Holds sway with majority of people.
What is bounded culture?
Sub-culture within larger culture.
What are some characteristics of Oral Culture?
Story telling, respect for elders, MEMORY, close knit community
What are some characteristics of Literate Culture?
Record History, Facts/Science, sense of community is lost, power to those who can read/write well
What is objectivity?
detachment, balance
What are some limitations to Objectivity?
Excuses lazy reporting, Hesitant to interject official sources
Who is Rupert Murdoch?
Owner of Fox News.
What is a factor of the American Revolution that has to do with anything Mass Communication cares about?
1765 - Stamp Act
What are Conglomerates?
A business that owns several companies in other different industries.
What is Yellow Journalism?
Competition for sensational stories.
What is a Chain?
One company that owns several businesses in the same industry.
Why don't young people follow the news?
Perceived isolation, their voices don't matter, politics are morally bankrupt
What caused an increase in Magazines subscriptions?
1879 - Postal Act
What is Muckraking?
Crusade form of journalism. Deep investigative stories for social change.