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Nonmedia people who influence messages.
*Federal Communications Commision
*Federal Trade Commision
*Pressure groups
Reciepients response to the sender.
Turn of the century term for investigative reporting.
*coined by Theodore Roosevelt
*Established a powerful medium in shaping public policy.
Persistence of Vision
Fast-changing still photos create the illusiion of movement.
*human eye retains an image for a fraction of a second
*same idea as a flip book
TV Milestones
*Ed Sulivan Show - longest running prime time show
*Walter Cronkite - Kennedy's assas
Thomas Edison
Invented the phonograph.
First Amendment
Provision in the US Constitution against government interference with free citizen expression, including media content.
Author's share of an income.
ultra high frequency

very high frequency

enables more channels for tv
Big Three
For most of televison history these 3 stations dominated programming. Later other networks came into existence....
David Sarnoff
His monitoring of the sinking of the Titanic familiarized people with radio, he was later the president of NBC.
Lee de Forest
Inventor that made audion tube. some say he stole the idea. Did things like broadcast from the Eiffel Tower and Opera House performances.
Edwin Howard Armstrong
Developed static-free transmision. He built a station in Jersey adn used frequency modulation, FM. FM piggbacked sound on airwaves. He developed FM with 2 soundtracks, one for each ear.
AM vs. FM
Frequency modulation - sound is piggybacked on airwaves

Amplitude modulation -
Carol Burnet
was the first person to sue for libel, queen of sketch comedy, and #1 rated show
type of binding created by the Romans.
Subliminal Advertising
Ads that cannot be consciously perceived.
John Zenger
defied authorites, the king in New York Journal. He undermined the govenors authority.
The Eight Basic Media
television, radio, magazine, movies, Internet, books, newpapers, sound recordings
Person who decides whether to shorten, drop, or change a story en route to the mass audience.
Penny Press
papers at a penny a copy that were accessable to all. It interested common folk more and was sold on the streets, such ad the sun.
Yellow Jounalism
started with the pressure to sell more copies, brought about sensationalism
*Nellie Bly
*St. Louis Post Dispatch
Vladimir Zworykin
RCA engineer who claimed to have invented television withe the iconscope.
Invented the metal type printing press. Made way for a new age and the beginig of mass communication.
shows the popularity of something, the amount of viewers.
Product Placement
When a manufacturer pays fo rits products to be used as props. Started with ET. Some say it is sneaky and do not like it.
A written defamation.
PR vs. Advertising
selling product vs. feeling and image
Milton Berle
American entertainer, first mega star, earned name Mr. Television.
wi-fi, allows internet connectio without cord. Starbucks made a huge splash with it, was a natural for hotels and airports.

discovered by Marconni
Cable TV
used cable instead of airwaves, television ditribution.
Impedes communication before message reaches receiver.
chains of radio or television broadcasting stations
"I Love Lucy"
A show on CBS that surpassed NBC's audience for the first time in 1953. It was a comedy suspence staring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. It ran a total of 140 espisodes. This continued into decades of reruns and video rentals.
a cd with a dvd on one side - dual disk. Bruce Springsteen sold a lot. They boosted sells like CD formats had earlier also good in light of the downloads from internet.
Benjamin Franklin
started first mag in colonies.
Guglielmo Marconi
Produced first wireless transmission. Morconi Wireless Telegraph company so that ships could communicate at sea. He made a fortune.
Mass Communications
Many recipients, not face to face, a process. Capable of reaching thousands even millions of people.
invented by Edison to watch things only one person can watch
Audion Tube
Made voice transmission possible, invented by Lee De Forest. Some say he stole the invention from Fessenden.
Shield Laws
Allow journalist to protect identification of confidential sources.
Time Shifting
Prime time is becoming an obsolite time with the inventio of Tivo like things. Americans no longer need to tune in at certain times. This is leading to audinece empowerment. Prime time scheduling may see a change in the future.
A nongeneric product name designed to set the product aprt form the competition. When succesful they become generic identifiers.
(as a defense)
Company that charges a fee for online service.
Stealing and copying of movies or music. Makers loose money. Has become a huge problem and has caused the biggest drain for music sales.
The condition of being secluded from the prescens or view from others. Celebs.
Ivy Lee
Father of modern PR:
*coal mineers
*had new ideas about winning public support