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What was invented in the 1800's that combined elements of photography and eletricty?
The cathode ray tube
Who invented the scanning disk in 1880?
Paul Nipkow
What is the scanning disk?
it is how tv still works today by transmitting a series of lines
In 1919 what did vladimir Zworykin invent?
The Iconoscope
What what this thing zworykin invented?
the first tv camera that could convert light rays into electric symbols
What young man patented the image dissector in 1920?
Teenager PHilo Farnsworth
WAht was the image dissector?
it was an elecrtic tv or signal. So that images could be sent long distances
Who did he sell the patent to?
Who outlined the standards for TV in 1930?
The national Television Systems Committee
What did the FCC do in 1948
They put a freeze on Tv licenses due to interference, lack of channels and color tv
How long did this last?
4 years they gave no one a license
There were two major problems with Tv in the late 40's and early 50's. What were they?
1. Co-channel interference

2. Not enough channels
What is co-channel interference?
where there is not enough geographical distance between channels
They also had another problem what was that?
The question about color tv. They had the equiptment but there were technical problems.
In 1952 the FCC ended the freeze. What did they do?
They released the sixth order
What did the sixth order do?
1. supplemented the 12 VHF channels with 70 UHF channels

2. Set aside 242 channels for educational use\

3. Created a national map - this decided how far apart the channels had to be to work

4. they solved the color tv problem
Who solved the color tv problem
Zworkin worked for RCA and Westing house and was chosen after first rejected for CBS's color
What was wrong with CBS's color?
You can't watch black adn white tv on these tvs that can show the color. The majority of the programming was still in black and white so no one wanted to buy a tv where they couldn't watch their favorite shows.
Where was all early tv filmed?
it was live nad filmed out of new york city
How often would the shows usually run for these early tv shows?
only twice... once on the east coast and once on the west coast
Were there re-runs of these first shows?
no they were not taped
What were the 5 kinds of early tv programming?
Comedy and variety shows
quiz shows
What were some examples of dramas?
Anthological dramas
Our Town
12 Angry Men
Did advertisers like dramas?
No, because they depicted reality and they want you to think you can only be happy with material items that they can give you
What did advertisers eventually do to get their way?
They threatened the network by saying they wouldn't sponser anything unless they produced more ad friendly programming
Westerns are a subgenre of what?
Were Westerns appealing to advertisders?
Waht was the first western?
What were the differences between westerns and dramas?
Dramas studied personal motivation while dramas decided to have more violence by killing people etc
What was a popluar Western show starring Matt Dillion?
What news show did NBC have in 1947?
Meet the press
What was the first network news that came about in the 50's?
Huntly-Brinkly Report
Where were they anchors?
Huntly in NTC and Brinkley in DC
What news show gained popularity because of the Vietnam War?
CBS Evening News
What are some examples of some early sitcoms?
Amos and Amos
Life with Luigi
Father knows best
Leave it to Beaver
Did these appeal to advertisers?
yes, because it showed everything is better with more stuff
Why were these sitcoms popular?
Because they proved social stability in post WWII America

Moms are at home cleaning all problems are solved in 30 mins
What was the most popular sitcom?
I Love Lucy
What did the Deezlou production company do?
They changed the mechanics of production.

they were taped in Hollywood in front of a live audience

they were independent and sold the show to abc

broke away from stereotypes
What are some examples of Comedy/Variety shows?
Saturday Night Live
Texico Star Theater
Tonite show
Where were quiz shows moved from?
teh radio
What are some examples of quiz shows?
CBS's 64,000 dollar question

NBC 21
Who is Pat Weaver?
becomes the president of NBC and was a former ad executive
What did he do to the time length of programming?
Changed shows from 15 to 30 minutes which created programs to long to sponser
Because these shows were too long to sponsor what did they do?
The advertising changed from sponsering to segementation
What are some examples of the first lengthened shows?
The Today Show
The Tonight Show
What saves the studios in California?
The tv business decided to have Hollywood as the center of thei production
What still stayed in New York?
The News
what were the 3 major news networks?
Where did abc come from?
NBC, was the underdog and would always pay more attention to the demographics. They wanted it to appeal to young adults
What was the Pument network?
Only lasted 1946-55. Was not a full service network, they did not have an affilate ine very market