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What is required of an EMT when involved in cases of abuse or neglect?
Report all cases to either the local police or social services.
What is important to remember in the case of sexual abuse?
Discourage the patient from washing.
Should you place a "bite block" in a patients mouth to avoid them biting their tongue?
What are the ALS interventions for Seizures?
Check Glucose level
Diazepam - 2.5 mg increments up to 10 mg.
What are the ALS interventions for an Unresponsive person (Adult)?
- IV LR 20 ml/kg bolus titrate to systolic BP of 100 mm/hg
- Get blood samples
- Naloxone (.4 - 2 mg)if Narcotic OD suspected (titrate to respiratory effort)
- Check blood glucose
- additional fluids to 2000 ml
- consider additional naloxone with consult