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Affinal kin
relatives by marriage
Conjugal bond
the bond between two individuals who are married
Consanguineal kin
relatives by birth; “blood relatives”
Consanguine families
those made up of women, their dependent offspring and the women’s brothers. In such societies, men and women do get married but do not live together as members of one household. They spend their lives in the household they grew up in.
Conjugal Families
are formed on the basis of marital ties between husband and wife and their dependent children (otherwise referred to as the nuclear family)
marrying a group of sisters
levirate custom
•When a husbnd dies leaving a wife and children, and the wife marries one of his brothers
o This provides social security for the widow and children.
o A way for husband’s family to maintain their rights over her sexuality and future children
•When a man marries the sister of his dead wife
oIn these societies cousins are usually considered brother and sister
patrilateral parallel-cousin marriage.
man marrying his father’s brother’s daughter
involves payments of money or other valuables to a bride’s parents. Her family is compensated for her loss
payment of a woman’s inheritance at the time of her marriage, either to her or to her husband.
oOne function of dowry is to ensure a woman’s support in widowhood (or after divorce).
oIn non-polygynous this is especially important for infertile women.
oThis also permits women to compete through dowry for wealthy husbands