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What four things did President Kimball say should go into selecting a companion for life and for eternity?
1. Common backgrounds.
2. Common ideals and standards.
3. Common beliefs, hopes, and objectives.
4. Temple worthiness
President Kimball referred to divorce as “an ugly dragon.” Yet, divorce itself, he said, does not constitute the entire evil. What else did he say is a serious sin of this generation?
The acceptance of divorce.
President Kimball taught a never-failing formula for successful marriage which begins with a proper approach to marriage that includes two things? Name them.
1. Select a spouse who reaches nearly as possible the pinnacle of perfection in all the things that are important to the individuals.

2. Must get married in the temple, realizing that they must work hard toward successful joint living.
Besides a proper approach to marriage, there were three other ingredients in President Kimball’s formula? Name them.
1. Unselfishness
2. Continued courting and expressions of affection.
3. Completely living the commandments.
Every divorce, President Kimball said, is the result of what?
Selfishness (one or both partners)
President Kimball said there are 2 things we should do if we want to transform ourselves and our marriage from a selfish relationship into an unselfish one? Name them.
1. Frequent self-analysis based on the Golden Rule
2. Correct self in every deviation found in the analysis.
President Kimball counseled us to plan our lives carefully to ensure there are no impediments to proper and successful marriage, obstacles which might block the way to eternal life and godhood—our ultimate destiny. Conversely, the great happiness which accompanies eternal life and godhood would surely come he said, if couples would do what?
Love the Lord & each other more than their own lives, and work in total harmony, following the gospel patterns.
Stormy weather (e.g. finances, sickness, accidents, death, and rebellious children) occasionally hits every household, said President Hinckley. Those storms bring physical, mental, and emotional pain. They lead to stress and struggle, fear and weary. The remedy, said President Hinckley, for most of that stress is not separation or divorce. Rather, it is in _______.
The Gospel.
Marriage is beautiful, said President Hinckley, when beauty is looked for and cultivated. It can be ugly and uncomfortable when one is looking for faults and is blinded to virtue. Both husband and wife must recognize the solemnity and sanctity of marriage and the God-given design behind it. That includes inviting and working to have the Spirit of God in the home and recognizing that each is a child of God. President Hinckley said there are three other things couples should be willing to do? Name them.
1. Overlook small faults, forgive, forget
2. Hold your tongue/temper
3. Self-discipline against abuse