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Strategic Therapy combines the concepts of ________ and __________
The Palo Alto Group & Milton Erikson
What is cybernetics?
The study of how information processing systems are controlled by feedback loops.
There are three theories which follow Strategic and Systemic theories. Name them.
Mental Research Institute Model
Haley Madanes Model
Milan Systemic Model
What is a paradoxical intervention?
A strategic intervention built around a statement containing messages at different logical levels which contradict one another. The subtle contradiction is used to generate change.
Who were the members of the Palo Alto Group?
Gregory Bateson, Jay Haley, John Weakland, William Fry & Don Jackson.
Who was Milton Erikson?
A psychiatrist who practiced hypnotherapy. He developed and introduced paradoxical interventions which capitalized on people's natural reluctance to change - to bring about rapid change.
What is a double-bind?
6-step concept in which an individual receives contradictory commands within an important emotional relationship. The recipient of the information can neither comment nor escape the situation.
What are the defining characteristics of Strategic Therapy models?
1. Focus on current family communication patterns that serve to maintain the problem.
2. Treatment goals that derive from the problem/symptom presented.
3. A belief that change can be rapid and does not require insight into the cause of the problem.
4. The use of resistance to promote change by applying specific strategies
Name two powerful insights from Strategic Theory?
1. Family members perpetuate problems by their own actions.
2. Directives tailored to the needs of a particular family can sometimes bring about sudden & decisive change.
What is first-order change?
The behavior in the system changes
What is second-order change?
The family rules (beliefs) of the system change.
What was the Mental Research Institute?
A brief therapy center founded by Don Jackson whose goal was to change the presenting complaint rather than interpret or explore the past.
What is a feedback loop?
A circular mechanism whereby feedback is reintroduced into the system, in a looping chain of events that influence one another.
Who were the members of the Mental Research Institute?
Don Jackson, Jay Haley, Virginia Satir, Paul Weakland, Paul Watzlawick, Arthur Bodin and Janet Beavin
What is a negative Feedback Loop?
Ways the famlies correct a deviation in family functioning in order to maintain homeostasis.
Define reframing?
The use of language to give new meaning to a situation
What is a paradoxical intervention?
Asking the family to do something that seems in opposition to the goals of treatment
Prescribe the symptom?
Type of paradoxical intervention: The family is requested to continue to perform or even expand the symptom
What are restraining techniques?
Type of paradoxical intervention: Members are warned of the dangers of change, are restrained from trying to change or are asked to change slowly
What is positioning?
Type of paradoxical intervention: Therapist amplifies or exaggerates the family's explanation of the problem to a point that the family will disagree