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have higher levels of satisfaction than those in noncommittal relationships.
People in committed relations
reflects positive factors.
Commitment reflects stable factors
is a model.
A prototype
feeling of ease and understanding of each other
disclosure of intimate feelings
need for each other to share pleasures, fears, laughter.
Mutual Dependence
need for someone to love, confide in and for understanding
Intimacy Needs for Fulfillment
emphasizes the dynamic quality of love relationships
triangular theory of love
include: trust, caring, honesty, friendship, respect, loyalty,
prototype model
triangular theory of love is composed of three elements, as the points of a triangle
intimacy, passion, and decision/commitment.
Many authorities believe that the form of ____ that we form in later life has its roots in the attachments formed in infancy.
maintains that the degree and quality of attachments we experience in early life influence our later relationships.
Attachment theory
is love that is not returned.
Unrequited love
is an aversive response that occurs because of a partner’s real, imagined, or likely involvement with a third person.
1 are more likely to express anger, while 2.are more likely to suppress it and feel depress
1. Men
Sadly, ______ love does not last forever!
affects our levels of intimacy, passion and commitment.
is based on commitment, caring and self-disclosure.
Intimate love
We select our partners from the ____ marketplace.
The _____ is a process where we exchange goods (ourselves) with a potential partner.
marriage marketplace
Traditionally, the males used his ____as the tradeoff for a female’s physical ___
1. power and status
2. attractiveness and childbearing.
However, females still lag behind males in
income, power and status.
Overall there are more unmarried women than men:
84 single men per100 single women.
refers to the tendency for women to marry men of higher status
Marriage gradient
Hatfield and Sprecher, ____ is the sole characteristic in every social interaction. It is most important during the initial meeting and early stages of a relationship.
-marriage outside a particular group
The halo effect is the assumption that good-looking people possess more ____ than unattractive people.
desirable social characteristics
marriage within a particular group
tendency to choose a mote whose personal characteristics are similar to ours.
the tendency to choose a mate whose personal characteristics differ from our own.
-People who marry outside their ___tend to have a slightly higher divorce rate.
religious faiths
do not attract according to many of the recent studies.
people are drawn to each other before actual interaction. The attraction can be physical, mental or social.
1.Stimulus stage-
Each weigh the other’s basic values in order to determine compatibility.
2.Value stage
Each analyzes the other’s behavior.
3.Role stage-
stages of mate selection
stimulus, role and value
are most likely to initiate a meeting directly
is living together without marriage.
refer to cohabiting heterosexuals, lesbian, and gay couples in committed relationships
Domestic Partners
It does not have much impact on marital success.
Generally parents’ beliefs do not have a strong influence on an adolescent’s decision to have sex. However, ____ is a key factor in preventing teenage pregnancy
parental involvement
most important source of modifying tradition sexual scripts
4.Partner influence-
is a set of expectations of how one is to behave sexually as a female or male and as a heterosexual, lesbian, or gay.
Sexual script is good and bad
2.don’t touch me down there is for men know what women want
5.women should not talk about sex
6.women should look like models
7.women are nurturers
8.there is only one right way to experience orgasm
Traditional Female sexual scripts
1.Men should not have feelings such as doubts.
2.performance is the thing that counts
3.the man is in charge
4.A man always wants sex and is ready for it.
5.all physical contact leads to sex equals intercourse
7.sexual intercourse always leads to orgasm
Traditional Male sexual scripts
1.sexual expression is positive
2.sexual activities are a mutual exchange of erotic pleasure
3.Sexuality is equally involving of both partners, and the partners are equally responsible.
4.Legitimate sexual activities are not limited to sexual intercourse but also include masturbation and oral-genital sex.
5.Sexual activities may be initiated by either partner.
6.Both partners have a right to experience orgasm, whether through intercourse, oral-genital sex or manual stimulation.
7.Nonmarital sex is acceptable within a relationship context.
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identities
Heterosexual-sexually attracted to members of the other gender.
Homosexual-sexually attracted to members of the same gender. (Gay-men. Lesbian-woman)
Bisexual-sexually attracted to both genders.
Contemporary Sexual Scripts
Many researches believe that a person’s____ is established by age 4 or 5.
sexual interest
erotic attraction to members of the same gender-
-publicly acknowledging one’s gayness.
Coming out
Our society tends to discount the sexuality of the aged. One reason is that we associate___with youth.
is on of the least understood
sexual activities that involve only self.
-overtly sexual dreams
Erotic Dreams
-most acceptable of all premarital sexual activities.
improving the quality of a sexual relationship.
Sexual Enhancement-
-sex that occurs outside of marriage generally among single persons.
Nonmarital sex
never-married adults under the age of thirty.
Premarital sex-
sexual interaction that take place outside the marital relationship.
Extramarital sex-
married couples tend to have sex about three times a week
tends to diminish in frequency the longer the couple is married.
Sexual intercourse
, in ____marriages, a partner is less likely to seek outside sexual relationships.
is the prevention of pregnancy using any number of devices, techniques or drugs.
is the termination of a pregnancy.