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What are the benefits of a family that makes time to eat together? Why?
Children have a lower likelyhood of alcohol use, drugs, and tabacco. Because it provides counciling and a bond
What is Pharming? Where does TN stand?
children taking prescription dugs.
TN ranked 2nd using hydrocodone.
What % of college students are bindge drinkers?
Why are we so involved in taking things that elevate our mood?
So that we feel better over emotional pain
Why do people stay together?
Comfortable, think it will get better, financial reasons, fear of being alone
Things that are learned at an early age that were once helpful but are now not your stand on ideas anymore.. ex: interracial marriage (influence of peers)
What is the difference btw knowledge vs. values/ judgement
Knowledge-- truths, facts, principals

Values--how you feel, important to us
What is a family?
two or more people related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing in the same house
Conjugal relationships are...
consanguineous relationships are...
individual persception
two ore more persons who are committed to each other and share emotional closeness
nuclear family
biological mother, father, children
traditional family
women's roles, men's roles
affiliated kin families
unrelated individuals who feel and are treated as family
what percentage is there of voluntarily childless families?
binuclear families
wife takes daughter, father takes son
what state is the only state that recognizes gay marriage?
Which states recognize civil unions?
Vermont & CN
one spouse
serial monogamy
many spouses over a lifetime
having two or more wives
having two or more husbands
group marriage
what is the main purpose of marriage?
social & emotional support
intimate relationship
emotional security and support, pets
economic cooperation
divides labor along gender lines
what is the top agent for divorce?
tach behaviors that conform to social or cultural norms
family of orientation
how you grew up-- affects how you are today
intergernational transmission
traits passed on by legacy
what do families provide?
legacy, close proximity, familiarity, economic benefits
how are families effected by the govt
gov't pushes & pulls family
gold standard
impossible to attain-- it is an illusion about marriage and family from media... what we want and what we get are different
cultural reletivism
families operate based on their culture
how does gender play a role in marriage for women?
women are viewed as submissive and marriage is still strongly divided by gender
what makes a strong society?
strong families
what is the #1 cause of needless deaths in the US
what % of americans are overweight? what about children?
60% are obese, 30% of children
familes can bring you much ___ but much ___
joy, stress
what is the conservative view on contemporary families?
pessimistic, negative... families have taken a downturn
What is the liberal view on contemporary families?
optimistic, positve
what is teh centrists view on contemporary families?
combination of both conservative and liberal
what is the fastest growing population?
What is the body of knowledge?
500,000 research articles about marriage and family, ask ?s and try to answer them
what does incredulous mean when speaking about research?
should be very skeptical about research source
there was a shift from child-centered society to a ...
indiviudal centred socieety
with a child centered society there is...
familism/ collectivism
with an individual centered society there is...
indiviualism, my needs are more important,me first
how much of an increase is there in cohabitation?
what percentage of teens have an STD
What % of HSS take part in sexual behavior?
what % of males and females are unfaithful?
35% m, 25% f
how many people don't have health care
47 million
how many orphans are in this world
33 million
how many aportions are there per day
data develops into...
what is the symbolic interaction theory?
families operate through interaction
have to pick up the slack, causes problems
how many females are owners of fortune 500 companies?
What causes unstability in marriage?
death, divorce, unemployment, crisis
if you can't change, you can't ____
move on
morphogenic system
open system
morphostatic system
closed system
centrifugal interactions
push apart
centripetal interactions
pull together
immediate influence (families, friends, schools)
interconnection between microsystems (how does school influence home, etc)
indirect influence (salaries, hospitals)
laws, customs, attitudes, society
how does stress effect couples
increases rate in illnesses and effects biology
what does the family circumplex model do?
maps family relationships
What are the 3 components of the family circumplex model?
cohesion, adaptability, communication
What happens when you over-invest yourself in someone else?
you lose your ID, all you do is live for that person
overidentify, too close
do not feel close
balanced familes
moderate levesl of cohesion and adaptability-- have greatest marital and family strenghts
clinical research
in depth... case-study
3 elements of marriage/ relationship
friendship, communication, trust
rules for communication
why is friendship so important?
it = companionship
what does friendship provide to a relationship
1) support and comfort
2) shared activities and sense of humor
3) sense of togetherness/independence
what is the greatest thing to give?
Why can't you trust a spouse?
because you can't trust yourself
Shaken baby syndrom %
20% babysitter
18% BF
7% mother
How do we keep relationships alive?
marriage work, commit to relationship
% of happy, unhappy, ambivalent to their marriage
20% happy, 20% unhappy, 40% ambivalent
Reasons for bankruptcy
medical costs, morgage, c.c
nested in society
familes of the 1950s were ___
very stable
rights for economics even if not married
% of cohabitation
50% will marry
40% will separate
10% live together forever
what are factors promoting change in marriage
economic change (women in workforce), technological innovations, demographics, shift in gender roles, cultural changes
benefit from ourselves
what moves you up in social class?
education and marriage
why wouldn't you tolerate differences
fear, ignorance
what % are of color
What % of color by 2050
What type of family has a hight level of alcoholism
male that has traditional roles
what does gender do?
categorizes behaviors, can also restrict us because it tells us how to behave and what to do
how much more testosterone do males have than females
your sex determines if
you are male or female
gender is
is physical and how you feel about yourself
if sex doesn't = gender you have an
ID disorder, trapped in the wrong body
cross gender lines
social learning thories
based on watching others, modeling behaviors
cognative development theory
how you are suposed to act based on gender
Who is better at communication and why
women because their corpus collosum is thinner
What subjects are women and men better at
women are better at language, men are better at hard sciences
how we socialize boys to not express emotions
what are the perks to being androgynous
higher self esteem, lower rates of conflict, more equality, resistant to stress, less gender role assignment