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Did Marley have arthritis?
What job does he get after the Organic Gardener job?
The Philadelphia Inquirer;
he misses newspaper
Where did Marley poop when it snowed?
Underneath the pine trees
When did Marley start to have accidents in the house?
Where did they board Marley when they went on vacation?
At the kennel
When Marley's stomach flipped, what percent mircle did he have?
After Marley's stomach flippped the 1st time, how many meals per day could he eat?
4 small meals
What did Marley use as a napkin?
The couch
What did John feel when he had to do the column on Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville?
Humility (for being untouched from the horrors)
Amazement at the capacity of the heart
Where did they leave Marley when the went to Disney World?
At the vets
The second time Marley's stomach flipped, how many times did the doctor try to save him?
Where did John first try to put Marley's grave?
Underneath the white pines, but the grave was filling up with cold water
Where did John put Marley's grave?
Under 2 big native cherry trees they almost his on their toboggan ride
What did John tell the kids about Marley that he didnt believe?
Marley was in dog heaven
What was placed over Marley's grave?
2 rocks
Who couldn't talk about Marley?
What did John hide in his underwear drawer?
Marley's Choker collar
How many responses did John get to his Marley article?
nearly 800
What did John name the people who responded to Marley's article?
Secret Brotherhood of Dysfunctional Dog Owners
What was the name of the dog in the paper that looked like Marley?