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What is Appearance Management?
-The process that includes attention, decision, acts related to person appearance (all activities and thoughts)(solitaire / lone process)

*Attention-what are you going to wear today? Can I wear that?
*Decision-what item of clothes am I going to wear?
*Act-dressing yourself

We are try to fit into the tends
What is Appearance Perception?
–The process of observe inferences made infinite on other

• Observe-guess made on how people look as pass in circles-people you always see you make guess about their personality
What is Symbolic-interactionism
2 way communications
Symbol-the body
What is Schema?
-file or category in the brain (sterotype)
What motivates us to think about self presentation?
1. Desire to control impression by other
2. Desire to seek influence over event
a. Ex: wanting a Job
What is Dramaturgy: Presentation of self in everyday life?
- wrote in 1959 by Dr. Goffman
o wrote a book Presentation of self in everyday life
this book was his seminal work
>1st person to think of doing these
>It stands the test of time

Drama-the world is your stage
What is dramaturgy symbolic interactionism?
this draws analogy (compare) between human behavior and the theatre (or drama)
What are the major permise of Dramaturgy?
1. Identify are reformulate as we move to one context to other
2. Appearance is manipulate for different social context

* Identify- how we look
* Reformulate-change
* Context- setting

Reword 1. How we look is change from one setting to other
Ex. How we are dress for Job to Class to Funeral
What are the Four elements of the dramaturgical approach?
1. Performance
- Clothing props to help delivery accredit performance
2. Stage or context or setting
- The context- aware of clothes- body
3. Audience
-We receive review from feedback
4. Self as Actor
the extent individual control public appearance of self

High self-monitor
They have presentation skills
Low self-monitor
Less concern with personal appearance
They are clueless