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Social Profit
The benefit an organization and society receive from:
-the organizations ethical practices,
-community service,
efforts to promote cultural diversity, -and concern for the natural environment.
3 Virtues seein in COCs are
Honesty, Fairness, and Opennes
Ethical Values we advocate in marketing
A social movement that attempts to protect consumers from harmful business practices
Consumer Bill of Rights (3)
The rights of consumers to be protected by the federal government

1 right to be safe
2 right to be informed
3 right to choose freely
(privacy is NOT one)
Slotting Allowance
A fee paid by the manufacturer to a retailer in exchange for agreeing to place products on the retailers shelf
Claims made in advertising of product superiority that cannot be proven true or untrue.
Social Responsibility
A mgt practice in which orgs seek to engage in activities that have a positive effect on society and promote public good
US and CANADA, only ___ % of worlds population, is responsible for ___ % of worldwide consumer spending
5.2 % and 31.5 %
God help us All
Green Marketing
A marketing strategy that supports environmental stewardship bu creating an environmentally founded differential benefit in the minds of consumers
Cause Marketing
Marketing activities in which firms seek to have their corporate identity linked to a good cause through advertising, public service, and publicity
(Jeans + Redcross)
Counter Trade
A type of trade in which goods are paid for with other items instead of cash

25% of all world trade
US Trade Deficit in 2007
$708.5 Billion muhahaha
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
It is illegal for US firms to attempt to make large payments of bribes to influence policy decisions of foreign governments
a policy adopted by a government to give domestic companies an advantage
Import Quotas
Limitations set by a government on the amount of a product allowed to enter or leave a country
A quota completely prohibiting specified goods from entering or leaving a country
Taxes on imported Goods
The 10 benefits of the WTO
(World Trade Organizations)
The system helps promote peace
A trade block between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay
Long Term Goals of EU (3)
- eliminating all trade barriers with EU
- Improve the economic efficiency of member nations
- stimulate international economic growth
(reducing the likelihood of war is NOT one)
Less Developed Country
A country a the lowest stage of economic development

MANY countries in AFRICA
5 Factors that can influence a consumers willingness to buy
1 expectations about future employment
2 income levels
3 prices
4 family size
5 general economic conditions
Monopolistic Competition
A market situation in which many firms, each having slightly differential products, offer unique consumer benefits

(athletic shoes)
Sherman Anti Trust Act 1890
The oldest act directed toward marketers
A domestic governments seizure of a foreign company's assets without any compensation
Local content rules
A form of protectionism stipulating that a certain proportion of a product must consist of components supplied by industries in the host country
Specific rules dictating what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable
The tendency to prefer products or people of ones own culture
Social Culture Forces
The influences in a society and its culture(s) that change peoples attitudes, beliefs, norms, customers, and lifestyles
Aging America
More singles
Another Baby Boom
Increasingly multicultural society
Hispanics Generate ___ in buying power
$ 560 billion
The US African American community can be divided into _ Distinct consumer segments
4 Strategies representing increased levels of involvement in global marketing
1 exporting
2 contractual arrangements
3 strategic alliances
4 direct investment
China + ________
Starbucks, reached well outside of USA, made China Aghast
Product Decisions (3)
1 A straight extension strategy
2 A product adaption strategy
3 A product invention strategy

(product differentiation is NOT 1)
a company tries to get a toe hold in a foreign market by pricing its product lower than they are offered at home
How much do oversea companies distrust US
50 % wtf
How many European and Canadian consumers avoid American brands
1/5 wtf again