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Which step is most critical in terms of getting the rest of the project designed correctly?
Defining the problem.
Five indicators that Marketing Research is not needed...
1.Resources are not available.
2.Available research already exists.
3.Benefits are outweighed by costs.
4.Info is already available.
5.Decision is not needed.
Research Designs (what are the 3 types?)
1. Exploratory
2. Casual
3. Descriptive
What are the eleven steps of the marketing research process?
1.Establish the need for marketing research.
2.Define the problem.
3.Establish research objectives.
4.Determine research design.
5.Identify information types and sources.
6.Determine research design.
7.Design data collection forms.
8.Determine sample plan and size.
9.Collect data.
10.Analyze data.
11.Prepare and present the final research report.
When is marketing research needed?
1.When a decision needs to be made.
2.Clarify causes of symptoms.
3.Clarify opportunities.
4.Identifies possible actions.
5.Predicts the outcome of actions in specific environments.
6.Points to competitive advantages.
Why is research design decided upon after research objectives are set?