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What is Marketing
Process of planning and executing the four P's to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objective
The Marketing Orientation
Follwoing marketing concept: an organization should aim all its effor at satisfying its customers at a profit
Production Orientation
Producing products without the customers' needs in mind an then trying to sell them.
The 4 P's
Product, Place, Promotion, Price
The Direct Marketing Environment
The Four C's - Company, collaborators customers, competitors
Indirect Marketing Environment
Political & Legal Environment
Economic Environment
Social & Cultural Environment
Technological Environment
SWOT analysis
Strenths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
useful aid for identifying relevant screening criteria and zeroing in on a feasible strategy
Market Penetration
Existing products in Existing Markets
Ex: Aggressive Promotion
Market Development
Existing products in new markets
Ex: Walmart goes to other countries
Ex: Aspirin marketed to older people to prevent heart attack
Product Development
New Products to existing markets
Ex: Yoplait invents a new yogurt flavor
New Products to New Markets
Ex: Apple invents ipod and markets it to windows users