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nonpersonal communication that is paid for by an identified sponsor, and involves either mass communication via newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and other media or direct-to-consumer communication via postal or electronic mail
a maketing intermediary that does not take title to products, but instead develops marketing strategy and establishes contacts abroad.
independent middlemen who bring buyers and sellers together, provide market info to one or both parties, but never take title to the merchandise.
the stage in the consumer buying-decision process when consumers select one of several alternatives available to them.
Anchor stores
dominant, large-scale stores that are expected to draw customers to a shopping center
Antidumping laws
designed to help domestic industries injured by unfair competition from abroad due to imports being sold at less than fair value
learned predispotions to respond to an object or class of objects in a consistently favorable or unfavorable way
Balanced tenancy
occurs where the stores in a shopping center complement each other in merchandise offerings
Behavior or usage segmentatio
the segmentation of markets based on usage patterns, such as heavy, medium, and light users, or loyalty toward a product of the way in which a customer uses a product
Benefits-sough segmentation
segmentation of markets based on consumer preference for a specific product attribute or characteristic
Brand Equity
marketplace value of a brand based on reputation and goodwill
name, representative symbol or design, or any other feature that identifies one firm's product as distinct from another firm's.
Break-even analysis(BEA)
analysis technique that literally means"to have zero profit"
Build stategy
resource allocation strategy for which the goal is to improve the SBU's current postion in the marketplace
Business Market
all organizations that buy goods and services for incorporation into other goods for consumption, use, or resale.