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includes all activities involved in selling, renting and providing goods and services to ultimate customers for personal or household use
according to customers, the value of retailing is in the form of what?
the form of utilities provided
whatre the four forms of utilities provided?
possession-> making a purchase easier
form-> production/alteration of product
3 ways that retail outlets can be classified as
1- form of ownership
2- level of service
3- merchandise line
3 forms of ownership & descriptions
1- independent retailer-> one owner
2- corporate chain-> multiple outlets under common ownership
3- contractual system-> independently owned stores banded together to act like a chain
2 types of frachises
1- business-format frachises-> step-by-step procedures for franchisee to follow
ex: MickeyDs
2- product-distribution franchise-> ex: Coke
3 levels of service
1- limited
ex: wal-mart
2- full
ex: Saks 5th
3- self
ex: gas stations
2 types of merchandise lines & differnce b/t the 2
1- breadth of line-> variety of diff items a store carries
2- depth of line-> large assortment of each item
scrambled merchandising
offering several unrelated products in a single store
mega stores that offer consumers everything possible in a single outler
intertype competition
competition b/t very dissimilar types of retail outlets
6 types of nonstore retailer
1- automatic vending
2- online retailing
3- direct mail, catalogs
4- TV home shopping
5- telemarketing
6- direct selling
retail positioning matrix
a matrix that positions retail outlets on 2 dimensions:
breadth of line
value added