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explain the Lanham Act & the Trademark Counterfeit Act
LA- act that protects trademarks
TCA- makes counterfeiting a federal offense w/ offenders subject to prison, damage payments, etc.
waz da difference b/t brand personality & brand equity?
BP- set of human char thatre associated w/ a brand name
BE- the added value a given brand name gives to a product beyond the functional benefits provided
2 advantages brand equity gives
1- a competititve advantage
2- consumers r often willling to pay a higher price 4 a prod w/ brand equity
brand licensing
when a company agrees to a contractual agreement where they allow their brand name or trademark to be used w/ products/services offered by another company
4 branding strategies & purpose of each
1- multiprod branding-> using one name for all a company's prod in a prod class
2- multibranding-> each prod in a comp gets their own individ name
3- private branding-> comp manufact prod but sells them under the brand name of a wholesaler or retailer
4- mixed branding->firm markets products under its own name & that of a reseller b/c the segment attracted to the reseller is defferent from its own market
define warranty
statement indicating the liability of the manufacturer for product deficiencies