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channel of distribution
the path a product takes from producer or manufacturer to final user.
all the businesses involved in sales transactions that move products from the manufacturer to the final user.
buy large quantities of goods from manufacturers, store the goods, and then resell them to other businesses.
rack jobbers
wholesalers that manage inventory and merchandising for retailers by counting stock, filling it when needed, and maintaining store displays.
drop shippers
own the goods they sell but do not physically handle the actual products-lumber, coal, chemicals.
sell goods to the final consumer for personal use.
brick and mortar retailers
sell goods to the consumer from their own physical stores.
involves retailers selling products over the internet to the customer.
act as intermediaries by bringing buyers and sellers together.
direct distribution
occurs when the goods or services are sold from the producer directly to the customer-no intermediaries are involved.
indirect distribution
involves one or more intermediaries.
exclusive distribution
involves protected territories for distribution of a product in a given geographical area.
integrated distribution
form of exclusive distribution in which manufacturers own and run their own retail operations.
selective distribution
a limited number of outlets in a given geographic area are used to sell the product.
intensive distribution
involves the use of all suitable outlets to sell a product.
an online shopping location.
channel member
a person who controls the avenues by which a message is delivered.
independent manufacturer's agent
an agent that helps control and plan things for an independent manufacturer.
the buying and selling of goods through the use of electronic networks, usually the internet.
place utility
having a product where customers can buy it.
An individual or firm which acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller, usually charging a commission.