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Production Era
Industrial revloution
shift from agriculture to manufactuers
Mass production
Inventory up
Product focused
Build a better mouse trap
Sales era
generating the sales
inventory up. Spending money but no revenue. Focused on the needs of the consumers
Marketing era
cosumer needs do what consumers want and need
Consumer era
focus on consumer find the need and fillit

Orgainizational, internal, external (changes in taste), audeince

Market orientation - collect data on buyers, share the info. use data create consumer value

CRM - Process of identfiying understadning and developing favorable perceptions in potential consumers.
Market Planning process
1. Mission statement
- purpose
- genral /specific

2. Goals and objectives
Internal analysis - sw
external - oppertunities and threats

5. Market strategies - 4 p's
Ethics in marketing
Buyer beware
1962 Bill of rights for consumers
Social Responsibility
profit responsibility
Stakeholders - employees vendors

Societal - green marketing
Consumer behaviors

3. evaluation
criteria-level of improtance
secondary = consdieration set